The 4 pillars told by IBSA People: the Responsibility pillar

17 August 2023

Over the past few weeks, we have asked IBSA People to tell the 4 pillars through their eyes, sharing photographs that could make these values ​​tangible.

After exploring the meaning of Person, Innovation and Quality, today we come to the conclusion of this journey telling the fourth pillar: RESPONSIBILITY.

To be responsible means answering for the outcomes and effects of one’s actions. This is what IBSA does towards patients, its collaborators, the community and all its stakeholders.

And how do IBSA People experience this commitment to Responsibility, inside and outside the company? Again, we let you discover it through a few images.

©Chiara Godina and the Pharmacovigilance team - Responsibility is the essence of IBSA Pharmacovigilance, which ensures the safety of products and promotes their safe use 1 of 9
©Christian Cesena - Responsibility is a vital and transversal value in every aspect of our daily life, which also takes the form of simple gestures and small precautions 2 of 9
©Mariangela Di Muzio - Responsibility takes the form of attention to future generations: we have a duty to protect and educate them, leaving them a better world as a legacy 3 of 9
©Mariangela Di Muzio - Being responsible is a matter of principle, on and off the job 4 of 9
©William Bernet - In the IT area, Responsibility is critical: an example is the fully automated and integrated handling of warehouse goods, using the SAP management system 5 of 9
@Sara Comodo - Responsibility is a value that we learn as children and accompanies us throughout our lives 6 of 9
©Marco Falchetto - Responsibility is dedicating yourself 100% to your work, relating to the other people with an open mind and a constructive spirit 7 of 9
©Anna Villa - Collaborating with colleagues and creating new resources is everyone’s responsibility: we are protagonists of our work, and we contribute to the growth of our company 8 of 9
©Lorenzo Bellorini - In the R&D center of Manno (CH), IBSA compounds are made with latest generation equipment, to pre-test all processes. In the picture: formulation technician interacting with a freeze-drying system 9 of 9

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