Consumer Health

Consumer Health

In the Integrative Care area, the company has developed several solutions that help to address better – and in an integrated way – the challenges to which the body is exposed every day. From bone “well-being” and the quality of sleep to the need to make up for any deficiencies occurring in various situations such as pregnancy, stress, anaemia, fatigue and lack of energy.

The Integrative Care area also includes a wide range of ophthalmic products suitable for the specific needs of adults and children to relieve redness, dryness, burning, irritation, lacrimation and fatigue – caused by environmental factors and lifestyle.

IBSA also offers effective hyaluronic acid solutions, capable of contributing to respiratory well-being and ear health. Several studies have shown how hyaluronic acid therapy – in addition to being an innovative aid for post-nasal surgery recovery – is also useful in case of rhino-sinusitis and allergic and non-allergic rhinitis.

A complete line has been developed for ear health, in order to remedy the so-called earwax “plug”, which generally causes a reduction in hearing capacity, but also annoying disorders such as irritation, balance disturbances, itching, ringing and buzzing.

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