About Us

The road to be travelled in order to transform an idea into a tangible and productive project is research that focuses on real requirements, combined with a vocation for solving the everyday practical issues associated with the needs of both doctors and patients.

Dr Arturo Licenziati, Founder and CEO of IBSA

IBSA (Institut Biochimique SA) is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical Company, founded in 1945 in Lugano. Today, its products are present in over 90 Countries on 5 continents, through the Company’s 18 subsidiaries located in Europe, China, and the United States.
The company has a consolidated turnover of 900 million CHF and employs over 2,200 people between headquarters, subsidiaries and production sites. IBSA holds 90 families of approved patents, plus others under development, as well as a vast portfolio of products, covering 10 therapeutic areas: reproductive medicine, endocrinology, pain and inflammation, osteoarticular, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, uro-gynaecology, cardiometabolic, respiratory, consumer health. It is also one of the largest operators worldwide in the area of reproductive medicine, and one of the world’s leaders in hyaluronic acid-based products. IBSA has based its philosophy on four pillars: Person, Innovation, Quality and Responsibility.  


IBSA places the Person – including her health and well-being – at the centre of its work. Making drugs in the best form, while outlining new treatment perspectives, is the goal that the Group has always pursued. The company’s commitment is characterised by the creation of innovative pharmaceutical forms and administration systems of proven efficacy, which really improve the prospects of care and the quality of life of patients. Technology and Innovation, Culture and Education, Communication and Sustainability are the milestones in IBSA’s path, which has been plotted with the aim of never setting limits and keeping innovating, while maintaining People at the heart of the company’s ecosystem. 


IBSA is committed to improving the quality of life of patients through the research and development of effective drugs and technologies that are more in keeping with people’s health needs, qualitatively transforming already known therapeutic solutions. What drives the company is the patient, not the market. Cutting-edge technologies, innovation and creativity come together to develop pharmaceutical products capable of responding to the people’s ever-growing needs, designed to be aimed not only at their care, but also at the improvement of their health and well-being. IBSA is committed to return value to the territory and the communities where it operates in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner.