IBSA Group

IBSA Group

The road to be travelled in order to transform an idea into a tangible and productive project is research that focuses on real requirements, combined with a vocation for solving the everyday practical issues associated with the needs of both doctors and patients.

Dr Arturo Licenziati, Founder and CEO of IBSA

The story of the IBSA Group

We are a multinational pharmaceutical company with a specific vision of care that we project from our headquarters in Switzerland to the rest of the world, through a process of on-going expansion in Europe, Asia and North America.
14 million vials of hormones, 300 million soft capsules, 60 million packs of finished products: this is the productive capacity on which IBSA is building its history. Established in Lugano in 1945, IBSA started developing its special identity in 1985 when it was acquired by the current ownership, which completely overhauled both its vision and its strategy by focusing on the acquisition of technological resources able to improve the quality of existing therapeutic solutions and launching a development programme aimed at consolidating the global expansion strategy and developing company assets.
IBSA holds 82 registered patents, and others are currently being developed.

The company headquarters are in Lugano (Switzerland), with manufacturing sites and R&D laboratories throughout the canton of Ticino, we have a workforce of 710 resources of whom 400 are involved in production and the remaining 310 perform collateral activities.

We are present in over 80 countries in 5 different continents, with 20 subsidiaries, in Europe, China and the United States and employ 2,000 people in our headquarters, branch offices and manufacturing sites, with a consolidated turnover of 700 million Swiss francs.

We also boast an extensive product portfolio covering 10 therapeutic areas and we represent the fourth largest fertility sector company behind the big multinationals and a world leader in products containing hyaluronic acid.