The 4 pillars told by IBSA People: the Person pillar

03 August 2023

Person, Innovation, Quality and Responsibility are IBSA’s four pillars, four principles that have shaped and still shape the work of the entire company, every day.

How do these pillars translate into the daily work of those who work at IBSA? What impact do they have on their professional life? IBSA asked its People to tell it through pictures capable to express in an original way the four pillars in the daily life of the company.

Today we begin to narrate the first pillar: PERSON, the actual driving force of IBSA, that makes every activity possible. The Person is always at the centre, because for IBSA everything is aimed at improving the well-being of each individual and of the community. 

But now let the photos do the talking: enjoy the gallery!

©Benedetta Rimola and Loredana Montesanti - Moments of professional life: meeting, sharing and growth 1 of 15
©Irene Belatti - Always looking beyond, towards new horizons and new challenges 2 of 15
©Lucia Zaccardi - The beauty and strength of the IBSA Team, united under the motto Better Togaether 3 of 15
©Simone Franchi - Care and attention to interior spaces and safety, in order to work smoothly and with peace of mind 4 of 15
©Christian Cesena - Person is the set of all the experiences, passions and relationships that are cultivated, even outside of work. In the picture: in Nordkapp (Norway), after a 5,000 km motorcycle journey 5 of 15
©Daniela Mariano - Moments of education and training, important opportunities for sharing and professional and human growth 6 of 15
©Giada La Fata, Anna Maria Signorello, Andrea Spinelli, Gianluca Cova - Each of us is like a pencil which, individually, can be broken, but together with the others is indestructible 7 of 15
©Alessandro Di Maria - Work-life balance: a goal of the Person for the victory of IBSA 8 of 15
©Marco Falchetto - A cohesive, dynamic and united team, capable of welcoming all diversities and specificities 9 of 15
©Silvia Picerni - Attention to the Person, represented by the IBSA logo surrounded by the hands of a child 10 of 15
©William Bernet - The importance of collaborating and working within a team, while even having fun 11 of 15
©Tommaso Giaccio - The centrality of the Person in IBSA, always inspired by our corporate pillars 12 of 15
©Lorenzo Bellorini - The Person is the pivot of all R&D activities. In the picture: a qualified operator performs a tribological analysis on a semi-solid form 13 of 15
©Lorenzo Bellorini - In the pharmaceutical field, the human input is essential. In the picture: the welding of a vial carried out by a specialised operator 14 of 15
©Lorenzo Bellorini - A phase of the preparation of prototypes of oral specialties in single-dose drops: the bag-packaging step. IBSA Persons make the difference! 15 of 15

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