The 4 pillars told by IBSA People: the Innovation pillar

07 August 2023

Our photographic journey to discover IBSA’s 4 pillars continues. In the first appointment we talked about the Person pillar; today we will talk of Innovation.

What does innovating mean, at IBSA? INNOVATION is the vital drive, an on-going thrust that leads to the study and development of new ideas, that are then transformed into innovative products and projects; it’s the look projected to the future, which allows the company to constantly improve.

Here is Innovation through the eyes of those who work with us.

©Mariangela Di Muzio - Innovation is the new cosmos factory in Lugano – Pazzallo, which perfectly combines efficiency, performance, modernity and beauty 1 of 10
©Alessandro Checchinato - Creating something new, to improve and simplify everyone’s work, with a constant look towards the future 2 of 10
©Lorenzo Bellorini - The realisation, through the freeze-drying process, of a product similar to the industrial one, to pre-test processes and products 3 of 10
©Lorenzo Bellorini - Innovation is the scale creation of specialties on semi-industrial plants. In the picture: stages of preparation of single-dose products in oral drops made in the GMP department at the Manno site (CH) 4 of 10
©Ambra Vaccaro - For IBSA Foundation, innovating means creating science dissemination activities and projects that are fun, but professional and reliable at the same time 5 of 10
©Samuele Tenca - Speed, precision and efficiency: the automatic handling system in the tunnel of the cosmos production site 6 of 10
©Simone Franchi - Latest generation systems, to ensure effectiveness and efficiency 7 of 10
©Simone Franchi - Latest generation systems, to ensure effectiveness and efficiency 8 of 10
©Lucia Zaccardi - IBSA’s look is projected towards building a better future for patients 9 of 10
©William Bernet - Among the various IT activities, innovation is also in the Self Portal platform, which allows the company departments to take advantage of several services, all in a single portal 10 of 10

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