The 4 pillars told by IBSA People: the Quality pillar

10 August 2023

Third appointment in the series dedicated to IBSA’s pillars: today, let’s discover the QUALITY pillar.

Many people gave their photographic contribution, first telling the Person pillar, then Innovation, and now the deepest and most personal sense of the value of Quality in their daily working life.

For IBSA, Quality is the primary goal of any activity; it’s the value on which the attention and dedication to the care and well-being of people are focused, through reliable and safe products, projects and services; it’s what guides every choice within the company, from the rigorous compliance with regulations to the monitoring and check of each process, to ensure a safe and well-controlled environment.

But now let IBSA pictures tell the story of this pillar.

©Simone Franchi - Quality means well-controlled systems and plants, to ensure respect for the environment and to preserve our future 1 of 6
©Sandro Zazzaron - In the Pharma sector, solid design and system validation go hand in hand with technological innovation. This is the only way to ensure data integrity and effective quality 2 of 6
©Jacopo Crespi - Quality is in the details. Only if every single letter is complete, the whole word can wholly express its full meaning 3 of 6
©Lorenzo Bellorini - Quality is the main aspect to be ensured in every stage of pharmaceutical preparations. In the picture: formulation technician engaged in the preparation of gels for topical use 4 of 6
©Lorenzo Bellorini - In the R&D department, quality is a critical aspect, especially when GMP specialties are made that can be used in clinical trials. In the picture: the packaging step of tablets in blisters 5 of 6
©Alessia Forzina - Quality also means education: in-depth study and continuous training are essential to offer the best to those who use our products, first and foremost doctors and – consequently – their patients 6 of 6

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