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IBSA in Person – Worldwide: the storytelling of IBSA’s subsidiaries begins

Of the four pillars of IBSA, the first is the Person. Person is the patient, whom IBSA always puts at the centre while searching for effective therapeutic solutions. Persons are those who live in the communities where IBSA is active, and to which the company returns value, with the promotion of “well-being beyond care”. Person is every collaborator who is part of IBSA and who, with their contribution, share the success of the company. And it is precisely to them that the #IBSAinPerson project is dedicated, with the aim of enhancing the great work that everyone does and giving everybody the opportunity to tell the company from their own perspective.

IBSA in Person-Worldwide: the story of the company’s subsidiaries

The IBSA in Person project is being developed along two main directives:

IBSA in Person - Worldwide will be an appointment with the heads of IBSA’s subsidiaries, to give them the opportunity to tell about their role, the context in which they operate and the peculiarities of their Country of reference.

For a company like IBSA – which has a footprint in over 90 countries on 5 continents – markets are very different from each other, and it is therefore important to create opportunities for contact and interaction between the People of the various offices. IBSA in Person - Worldwide gives a voice and a face to all Countries, offering different angles from which to discover IBSA.

From France to Spain, from the United States to Italy – and so on – all our subsidiaries will be protagonists, through the publication of a monthly video-interview. Many curiosities will emerge: the most significant initiatives promoted over the previous year, the interpretation of the “Caring Innovation” payoff, what future one can imagine in and for IBSA… and much more.

The first appointment with Fabrice Jover – General Director of IBSA Pharma SAS (France) is scheduled for tomorrow – Thursday 9 June, on IBSA Group’s LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube channels.

Stay tuned!


(First General Managers Meeting, Paris 1-2 June 2022)

IBSA in Person-Worldwide: the story of the company’s subsidiaries