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IBSA in Person - Worldwide

The first of the four pillars of IBSA is the Person. And Persons are all our collaborators who, with their contribution, share the success of the company

With the IBSA in Person project we aim to enhance the great work that everyone does.

  • IBSA in Person – Headquarters: to give a voice to the IBSA People who, from the Lugano office, operate at global level;
  • IBSA in Person – Worldwide: the General Managers of the subsidiaries talk about themselves in a video interview, offering international-ranging testimonies.

Alessandro Ruggiero

General Manager, Quingdao Huashan Biochemical

Fabrice Jover

General Director, IBSA Pharma

Felipe Hortelano

Managing Director, IBSA Ibérica

Luca Crippa

CEO and Managing Director,
IBSA Farmaceutici

Reza Rezai

Managing Director, IBSA Nordic

Roman Klucka

General Manager, IBSA Slovakia

Malesa Sidjanski

Head of IBSA Swiss Business Operations