IBSA in Person - Headquarters

IBSA in Person - Headquarters

The first of the four pillars of IBSA is the Person. And Persons are all our collaborators who, with their contribution, share the success of the company

With the IBSA in Person project we aim to enhance the great work that everyone does.

  • IBSA in Person – Headquarters: to give a voice to the IBSA People who, from the Lugano office, operate at global level;
  • IBSA in Person – Worldwide: the General Managers of the subsidiaries talk about themselves in a video interview, offering international-ranging testimonies.
Arturo Licenziati President & Chief Executive Officer


Antonio Melli
Antonio Melli Vice President
Giorgio Pisani
Giorgio Pisani Vice President
Luca Grassi
Luca Grassi Chief Financial Officer
Enrico Gasperotti
Enrico Gasperotti Chief of Technical Operations
Luca Crippa
Luca Crippa Chief Commercial Officer


Giuseppe Bungaro
Giuseppe Bungaro Head of Information Technology
Virginio Cattaneo
Virginio Cattaneo Head of Human Resources & Organization
Walter De Matteo
Walter De Matteo Head of Pharmaceutical Clusters
Silvio Dionisi
Silvio Dionisi Head of Strategic Marketing
Andreas Bernd Gerber
Andreas Bernd Gerber Head of Quality Assurance & Responsible Person
Stefano Ferrazzi
Stefano Ferrazzi Head of Supply Chain & S&OP
Tiziano Fossati
Tiziano Fossati Head of R&D Pharmaceutical
Daniela Mariano Sofo
Daniela Mariano Sofo Head of Regulatory Affairs
Giuseppe Mautone
Giuseppe Mautone Head of R&D Scientific Affairs
Silvia Misiti
Silvia Misiti Head of Corporate Communication & CSR
Elisabetta Racca
Elisabetta Racca Head of Legal Affairs
Paolo Russo
Paolo Russo Head of Technical Services & Industrial Asset Development
Rosita Selva Salis
Rosita Selva Salis Head of International Business Operations
Maleša Sidjanski
Maleša Sidjanski Head of Swiss Business Operations
Giuliana Villa
Giuliana Villa Head of Medical Affairs


Christophe Almeida Direito
Christophe Almeida Direito Sr Corporate Responsibility & Real Estate Manager
Anna Boselli
Anna Boselli Sr Quality Compliance Manager
Barbara Cometti
Barbara Cometti Sr R&D Scientific Affairs Manager
Marco Falso
Marco Falso Sr Purchasing Manager
Paola Fasola
Paola Fasola Sr Scientific Advisor & Marketing Manager
Michele Fasola
Michele Fasola Sr Medical Marketing Manager
Chiara Godina
Chiara Godina Sr Drug Safety Unit Manager
Arturo Lanzarotti
Arturo Lanzarotti Sr Data Management & Statistic Unit Manager
Leonardo Maffioli
Leonardo Maffioli Sr Commercial Manager
Andrea Panariello
Andrea Panariello Sr OpEx, Strategy & PMO Manager
Carlo Riccardi
Carlo Riccardi Sr Talent & Training Manager
Stefano Rovati
Stefano Rovati Sr R&D Scientific Affairs Manager
Silvia Sanguinetti
Silvia Sanguinetti Sr USA Regulatory Affairs Manager
Claudia Scarsi Perler
Claudia Scarsi Perler Sr R&D Scientific Affairs Manager
Iolanda Serica Gessaga
Iolanda Serica Gessaga Sr Clinical & DSU QA Manager
Katia Signorini
Katia Signorini Sr Legal Affairs & Privacy Manager
Carmen Vigorelli
Carmen Vigorelli Sr International Sales Manager
Anna Villa
Anna Villa Sr Corporate Communication Manager
Felice Volpe
Felice Volpe Sr Site Manager Cluster Lamone