Therapeutic Areas

IBSA’s commitment to medical education continues with the IBSA Educational Program

Offering patients the best possible care, contributing to the on-going updating of specialists, with high-profile and state-of-the-art content. IBSA’s commitment in the field of medical training continues, this time in two constantly evolving therapeutic areas: endocrinology and reproductive medicine.  


In order to share scientific news and best practices and to compare international experiences, in 2021 IBSA Educational Program was born, a digital project aimed at endocrinologists, gynaecologists and specialists in the sector, which collects video content in English. As in a digital library, the platform offers an overview of the topics of interest, as well as ideas for discussion and in-depth analysis, originating from scientific symposiums, lectures and webinars organised by IBSA in recent years in the Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine areas. Each video lasts an hour on average and includes a Q&A session aimed at creating an exchange and sharing of clinical experiences between experts. The platform is free and accessible to HCPs after registering at the link


As far as live appointments are concerned, between April and June IBSA will organise a “spring session” with webinars dedicated to assisted reproductive technology and Endocrinology, involving leading experts from Europe to America with dynamic formats, in some cases discussing specific articles in a round-table style and in others implementing argumentative debates aimed at bringing out clinical opinions and experiences.

Between June and September, the IBSA Knowledge Hub master classes meetings on invitation for specialist doctors – will be launched. The purpose of these event is to offer advanced training through interactive programmes, specifically designed for IBSA by the major reference players in the sector. The several hours of practice with latest generation simulators and the networking that the master classes will naturally create will certainly add value to the initiative.

Then it will be the time for the 39th Annual Meeting of ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology), scheduled from 25 to 28 June in Copenhagen, and the 45th Annual Meeting of ETA (European Thyroid Association), to be held from 9 to 12 September in Milan. As usual, IBSA will participate in both congresses with educational scientific symposiums which, together with the webinars, will enrich the IBSA Educational Program platform.

Stay tuned!