Therapeutic Areas

IBSA’s constant support of endocrinology and ART specialists

Caring Innovation is IBSA’s payoff, the principle expressing the commitment to continually renewing itself, to make an ever greater contribution to personal care and the common well-being. In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, this commitment also goes through the medical training of healthcare professionals, so that they can better support their patients. For IBSA, a very important medical education activity is the IBSA Educational Program platform, dedicated to endocrinology and reproductive medicine.

“Within this digital space, endocrinology and ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) specialists can access a constantly updated offer of quality scientific content”, explained Paola Fasola, Sr. Scientific Advisor & Marketing Manager, responsible for the scientific content of the platform. “Through detailed videos and in-depth materials relating to the congresses in which IBSA participates with its own symposia, the platform allows our doctors to get information and investigate specific issues. We expect there will be many updates in the coming months, considering that 2022 will be a year rich of scientific events and many activities for our department”

Today IBSA is among the four leading world operators in Reproductive Medicine, as well as one of the main players in the production of hypothyroidism drugs: doctors and healthcare personnel can therefore take advantage of the training proposal of one of the primary players in the pharmaceutical landscape, which allows them to stay constantly updated, for the benefit of their patients.


Endocrinology studies hormones and how they regulate the functioning of the entire organism. The most common endocrine diseases are those related to the thyroid, a gland that produces two important hormones (T3 and T4) for the metabolic activities and many other functions. Although not disabling, hypothyroidism is a chronic disease, which involves the daily intake of drugs (levothyroxine, LT4) for life. IBSA’s innovation consists in having devised new formulations of levothyroxine in liquid form and in small gel capsules, which can be easily swallowed even by children and by those who may find it somehow difficult. It is precisely by focusing on the patient’s needs that IBSA has been able to innovate, starting from an already known ingredient (levothyroxine, in fact), including it in a formulation and in a type of administration that improve adherence to treatment.  

Hormones are also essential in the field of reproductive medicine. For procreation, in fact, it is important to have certain levels of gonadotropins and progesterone, hormones for which IBSA has patented exclusive manufacturing processes, in order to offer innovative solutions to the many couples who undertake a Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) pathway. In this context, IBSA exploits the most advanced technologies, in order to produce human-derived gonadotropins with maximum purity, and in full compliance with the original form of the molecule. IBSA has also made a small revolution in the progesterone market, patenting the only formulation of this hormone in aqueous solution, which can be easily self-administered by the patient, subcutaneously.


For IBSA, innovation consists in the constant search for practical and simple therapeutic solutions. In fact, the company’s activity translates into the continuous search for more effective solutions, capable of increasing the patient’s state of health and well-being, as well as simplifying the doctor’s daily work. The IBSA Educational Program platform fits precisely into this context, pursuing ambitious – but definitely necessary – objectives.