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IBSA among the leading companies of ESHRE 2022

Milan was the stage for the 38th ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) Congress, which was held on July 3-6. A great coming back in presence – after the last two years of necessary streaming – for an appointment that represents an important opportunity for exchange, interaction and scientific updating on the topics of reproductive medicine and fertility, and which is of great appeal for doctors, companies and industry insiders. The numbers of this edition speak for themselves: over 10,000 participants from more than 130 countries, with 1,623 studies submitted for presentation at the congress.

IBSA among the protagonists of ESHRE 2022

IBSA also remarked its presence, and not only because of its stand – the third largest and with a design inspired by natural elements – which was a meeting place for specialists, distributors and IBSA collaborators from 5 continents. Over 2,000 people attended IBSA’s symposium “From physiology to therapy: a new perspective to better enable treatment individualisation, testifying to interest and appreciation for the topics covered and for the great quality of the Faculty.
The symposium topics responded to the expectations and needs of the participating medical specialists: IBSA’s approach is always to offer informative and in-depth content, to ensure a transversal update on the entire therapeutic area. For this reason, the panel of experts dealt with topics ranging from pharmacology to more technical aspects relating to fertility, always following the common thread of individualisation and adjustment of the therapeutic treatment based on the specific needs of each patient.

As a background to the whole event, the Beauty of Change concept, which characterised IBSA’s presence, conveying a strong identity and cohesion of messages: changing does not mean forgetting the past, but knowing how to look to the future while finding in one’s origins – as well as in the company values ​​and pillars – the starting point to continue towards growth, innovation, cutting edge.

IBSA among the protagonists of ESHRE 2022