IBSA stories

A web page dedicated to the IBSA People

Transmitting one’s values – not with generic words, but through the voice and direct narration of the People who live them every day: it’s with this spirit that in 2020 the IBSA People’s storytelling project was born, to which an ad hoc page on the corporate website has now been dedicated.
And Person – together with Innovation, Quality and Responsibility – is precisely one of the four pillars of the Group. The company’s activity, in fact, has always been inspired by the continuous Innovation of therapeutic solutions, capable of improving the Quality of life of patients, with a sense of Responsibility that allows to go beyond treatment. Everything combines within the desire to place the Person at the centre, while working for their health and well-being.

Le Persone di IBSA

The People to whom IBSA refers are first and foremost the patients, but not only. Partners and stakeholders are to be considered too, as well as – obviously – our collaborators: the IBSA People who contribute every day to making a difference, the main actors to whom the company has given a voice with the IBSA attraverso le Persone (“IBSA through People”) project.
The IBSA attraverso le Persone project has been rearranged in a dedicated section of the company website. The web page collects the interviews conducted so far, and will be enriched over the coming weeks and months with new contributions.
The purpose of this project is to give a voice to the IBSA People, giving everyone the opportunity to tell about themselves and their role, getting to the heart of the dedication and commitment of which everyone is a protagonist.
Working in IBSA means being part of a constant process of change and innovation. Our third Sustainability Report, for example, confirmed our growth, returning a faithful snapshot of the results we achieved thanks to an approach that promotes an open and inclusive work environment. We achieved relevant goals, such as an important female presence also in management and coordination roles – and we are committed every day to ensuring that all our employees feel appreciated and bound by a strong sense of belonging and identification with our corporate values.

IBSA attraverso le Persone: