Sustainability & CSR

Sustainability is not a choice but a matter of responsibility

It is antiquated to think of Sustainability as an option or a winning model in 2021. The consensus now is that promoting fully sustainable development is the only feasible way to go and the only acceptable question is ‘how to do it as quickly as possible with the best possible result’. IBSA is playing a part in all of this with a clear, commanding voice through its initiatives and its business choices.

Foremost among these was the decision to make its Sustainability Report even more incisive. The third edition of the report will be presented in a few months, prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and will cover all company departments, with no exceptions. Indeed, every IBSA unit is a sustainability value driver: from the three IBSA foundations to production and supply chain, from communications to legal affairs and from information technology to human resources, everyone is part of this group effort, bar none.

For example, here you can read how important it is for IBSA to be the first multinational pharmaceutical company to use the legal beauty contest to select its lawyers. Or here you can learn about the lack of salary gap between men and women at IBSA. But these are just a few examples of the many initiatives that will be highlighted in the 2021 report and that you can read about here in the IBSA Group’s blog, just as IBSA’s many partnerships championing young researchers and culture through ongoing projects with Swiss and Italian universities, research centres and museums are worthy of mention as well.

However, beyond the individual best practices, what counts most is the spirit with which the overall sustainable development goals in the UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 2030 are interpreted, and for IBSA, the 17 SDGs and the 169 related targets are not just marketing ploys to gain some edge on the fiercely competitive pharmaceutical market. They are a specific strategic choice at all levels. “People are IBSA’s fundamental pillar and it is our responsibility to help our community,” explained Arturo Licenziati, President and founder of the IBSA Group. Promoting Sustainable Development in all its forms, through research, innovation, quality and responsibility is a choice that IBSA makes every day with the awareness and certainty that its business is nothing if it doesn’t put people first, be they patients, doctors, pharmacists, workers or, more simply, all of us.