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IBSA Derma Clinical Research: the platform dedicated to the future of aesthetic medicine

Consistent with its mission to rethink Aesthetic Medicine so that it can enhance the uniqueness of the person and preserve the beauty of each and every one, IBSA Derma – IBSA’s dermoaesthetic division – aims to create value in an innovative, responsible and ethical way, for all its stakeholders.

Among the latter, Aesthetic Medicine professionals are the leading actors. For them to be able to offer quality treatments to their patients, medical training and innovation play a crucial role. Indeed, for IBSA Derma the know-how applied to hyaluronic acid-based products, the constant drive for updating and the doctor-patient relationship are all essential issues.


It is precisely on this basis that IBSA Derma Clinical Research – the first platform for the iconographic collection and sharing of dermoaesthetic treatments designed for professionals – was created. This platform allows for a large-scale medical history recording and the standardisation of treatment protocols, making any single clinical data or specific technique homogeneous and comprehensible.

IBSA is the first company to propose a digital platform of this magnitude in the field of Aesthetic Medicine: a “real-world data tool” that connects specialists and promotes the sharing and discussion of the clinical data collected and the treatments carried out.

Once registered, the specialist will be able to upload the patient’s record and images, thus starting the “treatment history”. With the shared coding of patient data and the homogeneous collection of interventions, the basis is therefore defined for achieving concurrence on the techniques to be used, while defining limits and opportunities for intervention.

IBSA Derma Clinical Research is a critical tool for aesthetic medicine”, stated Beatriz Molina, Surgeon, Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and founder of the International Association for Prevention of Complications in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPCAM) “because it offers several benefits that can help improve the treatment experience for both clinicians and patients, as well as personalise care based on each patient’s specific needs”.


The platform offers various features, designed to achieve different objectives.

  • Uniform collection of clinical data: IBSA Derma Clinical Research ensures a uniform recording and a detailed traceability of medical history data, thus allowing professionals to objectively and precisely compare treatment outcomes.
  • Optimisation of patient management: through the analysis of the data collected, the platform allows to improve patient management, monitoring the effectiveness and safety of treatments throughout the entire process and facilitating the personalisation of care.
  • Sharing knowledge and techniques: one of the most significant aspects of the platform is the possibility of sharing one’s experience. In fact, registered professionals can show their protocols to their peers, fostering the dissemination of new knowledge and treatment techniques.
  • Multilingualism, for a global approach: the platform is accessible in four languages ​​(English, Spanish, French and Italian), so as to promote interconnection at an international level.
  • Publication of scientific articles: the platform offers doctors the opportunity to actively contribute to research and the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of scientific articles and studies, that can be used to improve both the training of professionals and the accuracy of information to patients.

IBSA Derma Clinical Research – another major project by IBSA Derma – adds to the awareness campaign aestEthics, aimed both at professionals and patients and directed to promote an ethical, more aware and more balanced approach to Aesthetic Medicine.