IBSA’s commitment to a more ethical Aesthetic Medicine

08 November 2023

Rethinking Aesthetic Medicine as something that enhances the uniqueness of the person and preserves the beauty of each person is the philosophy that IBSA’s Dermoaesthetic division applied to Aesthetic Medicine, treasuring the person and their beauty, without distortions, and paying attention to preserve rather than change, always seeking an aesthetic that is also holistic health, and not just appearance.

In search of a beauty that enhances without distorting

The social media are helping disseminate a distorted beauty standard, which refers to trends that are not universally applicable, while driving patients to aim for unrealistic aesthetic forms, features that are out of tune with the specific morphology of the individual. Therefore, Aesthetic Medicine, under the influence of social media, risks being perceived as a sort of “beauty routine” without limits, distant and separate from medicine.

This phenomenon led IBSA Derma to activate a series of projects, focusing its commitment both on patients and on Aesthetic Medicine specialists. The objective of IBSA Derma – to be achieved with the help of the specialists, real ambassadors of a more ethical aesthetic medicine – is in fact to promote awareness among patients, by indicating opportunities and limits of intervention, without increasing unfeasible expectations. IBSA Derma actualised this commitment through an important Consensus Paper, as well as the aestEthics awareness campaign.

The Consensus Paper “The Aesthetic Medicine: International Dialogue on the Relationship between Medicine, Beauty and Ethics”

First introduced to sector specialists at the IMCAS World Congress 2023 in Paris, the Consensus Paper was presented to the Italian media on October 3 in Milan. The document addresses the ethical aspects of Aesthetic Medicine, with the aim of establishing common rules, drawing up an ethical code and creating actual recommendations.

Born from the meeting of a board of international experts, the Consensus Paper lays the foundations for a debate on the ethical issues of Aesthetic Medicine, such as the need to ratify a practice focused on safety, listening and attention to the patient, while being able to “say no”, for a more conservative and harmonious approach.

With this project”, explained Maria Bisogni, Global Marketing & Communication Manager of IBSA’s Dermoaesthetic division, “we aim to cooperate even more closely with doctors and Scientific Societies, to promote the ethics of Aesthetic Medicine as an actual medical treatment, while preserving the uniqueness of each individual”.

The Consensus Paper will give life to a path of communication and analysis that will not end in this phase, but will also see the start of the aestEthics awareness campaign, aimed at promoting an authentic ethic of beauty, sustainable over time.

“aestEthics”, the awareness campaign between ethics and aesthetics

Launching in late October 2023, the aestEthics awareness campaign is aimed both at professionals and patients, with the aim of promoting an ethical and more informed and balanced approach to Aesthetic Medicine. This campaign sees the support and involvement of the major Italian Aesthetic Medicine Scientific Societies (SIME and AGORÀ), as well as the backing of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). The campaign intends to focus on the specialist as the only responsible person qualified to convey trust to patients and to ensure an ethical approach to Aesthetic Medicine.

As Giulia Drei – Jr. PR & Communication Specialist of IBSA’s Dermoaesthetic division – explained: “The aestEthics campaign will be an important tool to start a dialogue on the ethical approach to Aesthetic Medicine. There will be a voice-over from a specialist who will explain what he/she will never do, in defence of the uniqueness of each person’s beauty. Other doctors will join in, all united in reinforcing a good ethical practice, with the belief that this approach can be shared by many other professionals on an international scale”.

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