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May: IBSA’s Sports Month

To highlight the importance of medical support in the careers of professional athletes and to promote innovation in the field of sports medicine are the objectives that marked the various events organised by IBSA during the month of May. A programme full of meetings dedicated to medical specialists on the importance of osteoarticular health and pain management.

Sport practiced at competitive levels, excess stress and functional overload can cause significant physiological changes, especially on joints, cartilage and tendons. These conditions require an increasingly advanced integrated multidisciplinary management. For these reasons, IBSA considers it essential to contribute to the on-going updating of the medical profession through worthy projects: a support spanning across the search for innovative solutions, the diffusion of an appropriate clinical approach and practical workshops.

Committed to the treatment of pain and the osteoarticular area with solutions based on hyaluronic acid, in May IBSA promoted two educational events for the health of athletes.


Sport month


On May 17, in Parma (Italy), IBSA organised the International Day for the Management of Sports Injuries. Sports medicine experts from all over the world gathered to take stock of the most recent advances in the management of sports-related injuries and to share their knowledge, benefiting from the experience of the athletes of the Zebre, the Parma rugby team.

Among the key points emerged in the meeting:

  • the importance of a multidisciplinary management of sports injuries, involving doctors and orthopaedists, but also physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals;
  • the management of athletes during competitions, with particular attention to pre-race preparation as a preventive strategy to reduce the risk of trauma;
  • the procedures of on-field immediate intervention, in case of acute injuries;
  • the role of orthopaedists and rheumatologists in the post-trauma follow-up, with a focus on the management of joint injuries, such as those to the knee and shoulder, which are the main critical issues for rugby players.


The other May event was the XXXI ISOKINETIC Conference, one of the main global events in sports medicine, which was held in Madrid from 25 to 27 May.

IBSA, platinum sponsor of the conference, organised:

  • several Meet the Expert sessions with international doctors;
  • two company events on the management of trauma and the restoration of joint function, on intra-articular infiltrations of hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and on on-field first aid techniques.

During the company events, participants had the opportunity to apply the techniques on mannequins and deepen their knowledge on the management of typical football traumas, thanks to the collaboration with the Atletico Madrid medical staff. This collaboration added further value, since it allowed doctors to learn about the conservative management of arthropathies and tendinopathies from specialists working in one of the world’s most prestigious football clubs.

At the conference, IBSA also presented a new study on vitamin D3, which underlined its importance for the health of athletes. Indeed, vitamin D3 can prevent injuries by playing a crucial role in maintaining bone and muscle health.


IBSA’s commitment to the world of sport is comprehensive, as also confirmed by the numerous sponsorships concerning different disciplines in various countries. These partnerships are established by each subsidiary based on the popularity of the sports in their respective countries. IBSA supports sports such as volleyball, football, rugby, basketball and golf, reflecting local preferences and reinforcing the connection with competitive and amateur communities. All this with the aim of raising awareness of the practice of sports that are increasingly ethical and attentive to the health of athletes.