Therapeutic Areas

IBSA Edu-Factory: scientific training in the musculoskeletal area for the specialists of the future

Scientific training and on-going updating are two key factors in the growth path of healthcare professionals, especially in an area such as medicine, which changes, evolves and progresses constantly and rapidly. They are also, and above all, key factors for patient care: the deeper and broader the doctor’s knowledge of the therapeutic area, the better the level of assistance and treatment she can offer.

Well aware of this, IBSA launched scientific training projects in several therapeutic areas: contents, materials, insights, practical sessions and high-profile educational events.


With regard to the osteoarticular area, Edu-Factory is a training programme of excellence born within the context of the IBSA International Academy-MSK Modules, a specialist training project launched at the end of 2021 and aimed at orthopaedists, physiatrists and sports doctors. After the addition of Edu-Factory to the project, the educational part is now concentrated in a few hours and is aimed at young students, healthcare personnel and specialists in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland), who are given the opportunity to approach the theoretical and practical aspects of the treatment of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.

The initiatives undertaken in the specialist training field fall within IBSA’s vision, strongly oriented towards giving centrality to the Person and improving their well-being and quality of life. This materially translates into enhancing the skills of doctors by always keeping them abreast of the latest scientific and technological innovations, with the aim of offering the patient increasingly safer and more effective treatments”, explained Giuliana Villa, Head of Medical Affairs, IBSA.


Scheduled to be launched in April 2023, the programme includes a series of 8 sessions hosted at the new IBSA production site, cosmos. Each meeting has been designed to explore the traumatic, inflammatory and chronic-degenerative conditions of the major joints – knee, shoulder, hip and ankle – with the aim of providing the basic and essential elements to fully understand these disorders, and to then devise correct diagnostic-therapeutic pathways. In this sense, the modules relating to macroscopic anatomy and diagnostic imaging are particularly relevant, with a view to offering future doctors the most advanced technical-instrumental skills, for example in relation to the use of ultrasound to perform guided infiltrations.

Edu-Factory – IBSA’s latest initiative in the musculoskeletal area – further expands our company’s commitment to always put the patient at the centre. It’s a very challenging project, as it involves the younger generations of doctors and healthcare personnel from the early stages of their professional career, making them deal with issues and practical experiences in the treatment of osteoarticular problems”, said Michele Fasola, Senior Medical Marketing Manager, head of the osteoarticular therapeutic area.

Despite being an introductory programme, Edu-Factory therefore promises to be very interesting for the new generation of specialists. It’s a project that integrates the IBSA International Academy-MSK Modules, aiming to match the latter’s excellent results in terms of quality and participation. A further aspect to underline is the very practical focus of the lessons: clinical cases will be examined, and participants will be able to closely study the anatomy of the joints, also thanks to the use of ultrasound imaging. To enhance the educational quality of IBSA’s training initiatives, theory and practice are in fact functional and integrated.

A success – that of the IBSA International Academy-MSK Modules – also demonstrated by the expansion of the project at local level as well, in the countries where IBSA is present with its subsidiaries: indeed, in June IBSA Iberica will launch the training programme in Spain too, with a Hub dedicated to specialists and led by a national scientific board, under the supervision of the IBSA headquarters.

All information to subscribe to Edu-Factory are available here.