Therapeutic Areas

Ambitious, high-level medical education in the musculoskeletal field with the IBSA International Academy-MSK Modules

Faithful to its mission of improving people’s quality of life, IBSA aims at generating added value for all stakeholders in a responsible, ethical and sustainable way. Healthcare professionals are among the most important stakeholders for our company and medical education is a crucial asset in order to support them in providing the best care to patients, which is our utmost priority. 

IBSA’s Medical Affairs division is a key player in pursuing this goal. In addition to other activities, Medical Affairs is committed to medical education, offering physicians the opportunity to benefit from top-quality training programmes at a global level in a variety of therapeutic areas.

The IBSA International Academy is a recent project of the highest standard in the musculoskeletal field. This multi-year educational course begins in November 2021 and is based on different modules that will be cyclically repeated year by year. It is addressed to a defined number of physicians of several disciplines – i.e., orthopaedists, physiatrists, sports physicians, rheumatologists – who wish to deepen their knowledge of the human anatomy and the imaging of musculoskeletal (MSK) diseases, as well as practise the correct infiltration technique. The educational process is supervised by a qualified and proactive Board, which shares the educational goals (content and methodology) and the ethical values defined by the Academy. 

During the modules of the course, physicians will be guided step-by-step to become experts in the field during structured and effective training with a very practical focus. 

The first module takes place on 11th November in Lugano and will be dedicated to the basic ultrasound study of the upper limb: hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. The physicians participating in the course have already experienced the international scope of the Academy during an introductory live meeting, where participants engaged in high-level scientific presentations and had the chance to introduce themselves and ask questions in an interactive session.

“Education at all levels has always been fundamental for IBSA. With the IBSA International Academy-MSK Modules, a feather in our company’s cap, we are thrilled to provide our doctors with valuable training. The Academy is a clear example of IBSA's focus on the Person: it is an initiative that enriches the skills of our doctors and at the same time enhances the central role of the patient, who can rely on increasingly experienced and trained professionals”, explained Giuliana Villa, Head of Medical Affairs at IBSA Institut Biochimique SA.