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EAU Congress 2023: IBSA’s commitment between multidisciplinary approach and patients’ awareness

The 38th Annual EAU (European Association of Urology) Congress – one of the most important in Europe in the field of Urology – took place in Milan (Italy), from 10 to 13 March 2023 (at this link the story of the 2022 edition). With a four-day scientific programme, this international event represented a unique opportunity to attend scientific symposiums, discussions about clinical case and debates between industry experts from all over the world. The Congress also offered researchers and young urologists the opportunity to attend the training courses of the European School of Urology, as well as to refine their surgical skills through practical workshops. The numbers of the 2023 edition speak for themselves: over 9,800 attending doctors and healthcare professionals confirm the large participation in and enthusiasm about this important scientific event.


IBSA could not be missing; indeed, the company not only took part in the Congress with several activities, but was also the promoter of a patient awareness campaign, in synergy with the main players at the Congress. Carried out in partnership with EAU, the campaign aims to inform and raise awareness of the correct recognition of symptoms and treatment of urinary tract infections, by involving patients, Patient Organisations and physicians in the management of bacterial infections according to the EAU guidelines. Through infographics and animations, the video supporting the campaign explains clearly and directly several different aspects of urological disorders. The feedback collected by doctors confirms that the video has proved to be a very useful tool for their patients, and IBSA is proud to have proven once more its closeness to people.


IBSA’s commitment at the EAU Congress 2023

Among other IBSA’s activities, the international workshop Management of Urinary Tract Infections in the Era of Antimicrobial Resistance was particularly successful, hosting internationally renowned specialists: urologists Gernot Bonkat (EAU Guidelines, Board member) and Kathrin Bausch, Department of Urology of the University Hospital of Basel (Switzerland); and specialist nurse Ria Pothoven, Florence and Andros Gynos Klinieken of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

The main discussion topic was the importance of a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach for the management of bacterial infections, especially in a historical moment when the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance is a cause of great concern for the authorities and health systems around the world. The speakers presented their experience in daily clinical practice, and shared their suggestions to limit this problem as much as possible. The “sold out” attendance showed the huge interest in the topics covered, in particular the need on the part of the scientific community to adopt new alternatives to the use of antibiotics.

Furthermore, during the congress, participants had the opportunity to learn more about the portfolio of IBSA’s urology products, at the company’s stand. Participating healthcare operators were in fact able to get to know IBSA’s innovation first-hand – such as the Pearltec® and Filmtec® technologies – but also to attend practical courses on the bladder instillation of glycosaminoglycans without the use of the traditional catheter, thanks to ialuadapter®.