IBSA & Casa dos Curumins: school, art and music, to create bridges and build opportunities

Among its various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, IBSA supports the Organisation Casa dos Curumins. Founded in 2005 by Adriana and Alberto Eisenhardt, Casa dos Curumins has been involved for almost twenty years in social and cultural integration projects for children, young people and the elderly residents of the favelas of Pedreira, one of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods of São Paulo (Brazil).

Nursery, school support, music courses, professional trainings, art workshops and leisure projects dedicated to older people: for Casa dos Curumins, the year 2023 was full of projects and initiatives.


Among the many activities promoted by Casa dos Curumins, the expansion project of the structure which hosts children aged 4 to 5 from the Pedreira favelas is certainly one of the most significant.

IBSA & Casa dos Curumins

It’s a pilot project that involves the renovation and modernisation of a new property, to give continuity to the educational path between kindergarten and primary school, which is currently an age group not covered by Brazilian public after-school structures. The works are almost finished: the new school will be operational starting from April 2024 and will welcome the first 60 children, who will soon become 120.

This new project is of great importance for the education of the youngest ones, and at the same time also for their parents, who can have more time available to work more regularly and consolidate their economic position.

As stated by Antonio Melli, Vice President of IBSA: “We are proud to have been supporting House of Curumins for many years in providing educational backup to the children of São Paulo. This project is particularly important, because it allows to ensure the educational continuity of the youngest ones. Offering an opportunity of this kind means giving hope to the citizens of tomorrow, training new generations – who in turn will be able to contribute to transforming society and building a better future”.


Art and music as tools to fight marginalisation and poverty: this is another great project of the Organisation, which aims to cultivate the talent and abilities of young people through professional training activities.

IBSA & Casa dos Curumins


It is precisely in this context that operates the Banda dos Curumins – a group of around 13 musicians (young people from the outskirts of São Paulo) who are the spokespersons and representatives of the music school of the same name, which counts over 140 young students. Active since 2013, the success and recognition collected by the Banda dos Curumins are the result of the passion, experience and human and artistic vocation of all members. During 2022, the band held several concerts between Switzerland and Italy, bringing to Europe beauty and enthusiasm, as well as a strong desire for redemption and hope.

IBSA & Casa dos Curumins

From the visual expression perspective, the Atelier Pipilù is an opportunity for professional training in the artistic and handicraft fields, and at the same time an educational and therapeutic tool, which promotes personal development and social transformation. The activities of the Atelier Pipilù are focused on manual creations, such as paintings on canvas, sewing works, bags and sweaters. Thanks to these projects, and with the backup of designers who support the Atelier, the young artists have the opportunity to create several creations, with a dual objective: on the one hand to ensure a stable income, and on the other to activate a marketing process to disseminate and enhance the productions of the Atelier Pipilù, while finding new funding.

The meaning and aspiration of these projects can be read in the words of Adriana Eisenhardt: “All these activities have the aim of giving visibility both to the projects and to Casa dos Curumins. But most of all, what makes us proud and motivates us to continue is what these activities represent for our young artists and music students. Indeed, valuing and showing the world what they achieved and what they do create self-esteem and confidence in them, while laying the foundations for a profession. And for us there is nothing more beautiful than knowing that they feel fulfilled and have faith in the future”.

For 2024, shows dedicated to the Atelier’s products and several art exhibitions have been planned in Brazil, Switzerland and Italy, as well as the collaboration with the well-known ceramic production laboratory Hideko Honma in São Paulo.


IBSA & Casa dos Curumins

Small gestures can give a strong acceleration to the inclusive and educational projects of Casa dos Curumins.

Among the various possibilities to support the Organisation – also in view of Christmas – it is possible to purchase the wines Merlot Selezione and Merlot Riserva, produced by Valsangiacomo Vini from Mendrisio (CH) on the Website:

The wines – together with a selection of panettoni and bags from the Atelier Pipilù – can also be purchased at the Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola in Lugano (CH).