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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training: increasing skills to give value to IBSA and its People

IBSA has always set itself the goal of innovating and being on the cutting edge. And innovation and cutting edge also depend on the evolution of the management processes and the continuous training of collaborators.

And it is precisely in this context that IBSA organised the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course, which was held from February to June for a first group of 15 people employed in 5 different departments: Manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain and Technical Services.

Five days of classroom training followed by tests, individual coaching sessions and a final exam: the training, carried out in collaboration with the company Efeso Consulting, was focused on the development of projects aimed at the optimisation of internal processes. Following this pleasant experience, all participants obtained the Green Belt certification, which was awarded during the final ceremony of the course, which was held on July 7.

IBSA collaborators who participated in this first edition had the opportunity to learn and apply new methodological approaches to intervene on the underlying causes of some corporate complexities. And, just like in the martial arts grading, they gained the “green belt” rank in the optimisation of internal company processes.

The Green Belt certification is an important recognition in all the industry field, because it attests a set of skills that are increasingly essential today. Having a green belt certification means being able to optimise the use of resources, work areas and production cycles; minimise waste, eliminate procedural defects and ensure high quality in production and process management. This approach, which combines critical analysis and the scrutiny of statistical data applied to business issues, allows to identify the best practices of industrial processes, to then standardise them and obtain more effective and efficient processes.

We are very satisfied with the results we achieved with this course. I believe that this certification is a real added value to everyone’s professionalism”, commented Andrea Panariello, Sr. OpEx, Strategy & PMO Manager, Technical Operations at IBSA and coordinator of the training project. “This is a first milestone in the training process of our People in this context, one which we intend to propose to other collaborators shortly. The Person is one of the pillars of IBSA, as well as the actual driver of the company. And if we want the company to grow and be increasingly more innovative, we cannot ignore the cultural change of its People. In this sense, providing them with new skills and advanced know-how is essential.

The appointment is now for September 2022, when a new group of people will participate in the second edition, with a view to an ever greater diffusion and transfer of skills, as well as to the development of individual expertise.