Sustainability & CSR

cosmos and antares: sustainability at the centre of the realisation of IBSA’s new sites

Over the last two years, IBSA has started a revolution focused on the idea of ​​sustainability, a concept concerning the economic, social and environmental domains that IBSA actualised in the desire to be close to the people and the communities.


The sustainable redevelopment of IBSA’s sites

This is the philosophy outlined by IBSA’S President and CEO Arturo Licenziati. A philosophy that is also being implemented in the creation of corporate spaces designed to introduce well-being and innovation, with a view to sustainability and redevelopment of the urban fabric, while placing people at the centre. In fact, IBSA’s activity is not only related to the present, but aims to be projected into the future: “We want to be present in a concrete and tangible way, to give life to a development project based on a renewal of spaces, with a view to sustainability and beauty. It’s our way of being close to the people, to our collaborators and their families, as well as the entire community”, stated President Licenziati. All this manifests itself in an evolution that, from the Headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, extends to Italy and the other international subsidiaries of the Group, creating new projects which – like so many stars within the IBSA universe – originate continuous exchange, circularity, sharing, sustainability, innovation and beauty.


The first project conceived pursuant to this philosophy was CorPharma, the new industrial district located in the south of Lugano (Switzerland), created with the aim of centralising IBSA’s main activities. Still in the midst of the development and construction phase, CorPharma adheres to the standards of sustainable neighbourhoods, dutifully integrating into the territory and the social context. To this end, CorPharma gives great importance to the aesthetics and functionality of the elements, following high levels of technological innovation and sustainability: the outdoor and work environments take into account the biodiversity of the natural spaces, and facilities have been planned dedicated to recreational and educational activities to be shared with the local community.


Manufacturing plants also fall within this logic: indeed, they are places dedicated not only to production, but also and above all to technological and productive innovation. And it is precisely under this philosophy that cosmos – the new plant within the CorPharma district, as well as IBSA’s largest production site – was conceived. Also in this case, the design of the building was shaped by absolute modernity, with production lines managed by cutting-edge systems and materials that comply with sustainability criteria, emphasising green as a predominant element.


Following the path traced by the Headquarters, IBSA brought to Italy the same message of sustainability, innovation and beauty. IBSA Farmaceutici, the largest subsidiary of the IBSA Group, has recently inaugurated in Lodi the project antares, the extensive renovation of the buildings and the urban and social context. Like the CorPharma district, antares is also designed to offer benefits to people and the environment of which the workplace is an integral part. Through a redesign of the external and internal spaces, the project provides more efficient solutions from an energy and environmental sustainability perspective, combining cutting-edge research and development and production with an approach focused on the well-being of people. The spaces are therefore more functional to everyone’s needs, and take into account the new working methods, characterised by more flexibility.


Building places where people can live and work well means creating the conditions to improve productivity, the quality of work and the well-being of people. Thus, a virtuous circle is activated, from which everyone benefits and whose positive effects are also reflected in the private and social life. And it is precisely with this awareness that IBSA will continue its journey, bringing sustainability, innovation and beauty also to other locations around the world.