Sailing into the Future

The Transat CIC has started: Alberto Bona and the Class40 IBSA in the leading group

Finally the wait is over. A new adventure begins for Alberto Bona, the Class40 IBSA and the project Sailing into the Future. Together, now in its third year of activity.

The Transat CIC – which involves the crossing of the Atlantic from France to the United States – got underway on Sunday, April 28 at 1:30 pm. A spectacular start for one of the most challenging tests for solo sailors, called to face very harsh conditions on their way to reach New York after over 3,000 miles of navigation.


Transat CIC

With an estimated travel time between 13 and 15 days, the Class40s will face several lows, while sailing in extremely difficult conditions: waves up to six metres and very low temperatures. The skippers will have to find the best route to reach as quickly as possible the finish line, 130 miles off the coast of New York, thus bringing the European ocean sailing under the Statue of Liberty.

A sporting event characterised by determination, competence and a lot of courage, which evokes and embodies the distinctive traits of the skipper, the boat and the project Sailing into the Future. Together, which considers sailing as a metaphor for going beyond care, on a journey focused on people, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


Transat CIC

The start for the Class40 IBSA was conservative; however, already after about ten miles of navigation, Alberto recovered, reaching the fourth position, less than five miles from the leader: a very short distance that shows how the race will be played on very small gaps, despite the great distance to travel.

It will be a balanced and very tough regatta”, had indeed declared Alberto shortly before the start. “The difficulty of sailing at high latitudes has in fact selected the skippers: those taking part in this regatta are very expert, have a perfectly prepared Class40 and are aiming for victory. There are thirteen of us, and at least nine have an equal chance of climbing to the top step of the podium, which makes this regatta both challenging due to the weather conditions and exciting from a sporting perspective. The best a solitary navigator could wish for”.

Transat CIC

Giorgio Pisani, Vice President IBSA Group and leader of the project Sailing into the Future. Together, also attended the start of the regatta, remarking: “It’s always a great emotion to see the Class40 IBSA setting sail. In the third year of our project, our skipper Alberto Bona decided to participate in the most complex and demanding regatta, as can also be seen from the small number of participants in Class40: the best thirteen. I believe that there are all the conditions for experiencing another wonderful adventure together, one that will require courage and commitment. Arriving in New York is certainly symbolic, the right finish line for the most difficult regatta”.

Facing the challenges that the Atlantic will present along the route will not be easy. But Bona and IBSA certainly have no shortage of determination and courage!