New Frontiers in Cancer and Healthy Aging, the scientific Forum of IBSA Foundation for scientific research

New Frontiers in Cancer and Healthy Aging

Every year, IBSA Foundation for scientific research – the main promoter of IBSA Group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities – organises free scientific forums, engaging international scientists and promoting the dialogue with new generations of researchers.

This year’s first forum, created in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II, was held in Naples (Italy) on April 18 and focused on the analysis of the connections between aging and cancer.


Longevity has always been a topic of great interest for scientific research. The increase in life expectancy and demographic aging in recent decades are the main factors in the spreading of cancer conditions globally. Suffice it to say that in Europe, in 2022, over 4 million people received an oncological diagnosis, and 76% of them after the age of 60.

If aging is an inevitable process, understanding how we can age “healthily” and recognising the main risk factors to monitor in order to prevent the onset and growth of tumours become a priority for the protection and management of public health.


New Frontiers in Cancer and Healthy Aging

The correlation underlying these mechanisms and the identification of new perspectives for healthy aging were indeed the themes at the centre of the forum New Frontiers in Cancer and Healthy Aging, organised by IBSA Foundation.

This academic event brought together six speakers, authorities on the topic, and saw the participation of around two hundred people. The forum highlighted the importance of an interdisciplinary approach, as explained by Domenico Salvatore, MD, PhD, Professor of Endocrinology, Department of Public Health of the University of Naples Federico II and member of the scientific board of the Foundation: “From a multidisciplinary perspective, the experts discussed in particular the influence of immunology, inflammation and the microbiome on the treatment and clinical impact of cancer”.

New Frontiers in Cancer and Healthy Aging

The forum gives substance to the IBSA Foundation’s commitment to its own scientific dissemination activities, in the belief that global challenges, such as demographic aging and the constant growth of oncological diseases, require concrete and shared responses, based on a comprehensive knowledge of the phenomena and their impact on the future of society.

It is precisely in this spirit that, for over 10 years now, our Foundation has been promoting Scientific Forums, unique opportunities for reflection and interaction between some of the most prominent voices in the international scientific landscape, capable of creating interconnections between different fields of study and research and of promoting an authoritative scientific culture accessible to all. A commitment that over the years translated into the organisation of 22 Forums, which involved 170 speakers from 40 countries, as well as a broad participation of healthcare professionals, young researchers and experts”, stated Silvia Misiti, Director of IBSA Foundation for scientific research.