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IBSA is constantly evolving: genesis is born

In an era in which innovation and sustainability guide companies towards the future, for IBSA the transformation of spaces and the regeneration of structures is not only a matter of operational efficiency, but is also the expression of People enhancement, of a profound connection with the environment and a clear commitment to the future.

At the heart of this vision lies the mind of Arturo Licenziati, President and CEO of IBSA. His brilliant intuition shaped the CorPharma district, just outside Lugano (CH), the epicentre of the company’s activities.

In the context of this architectural project is the building hitherto called “ex BIC”, which houses the R&D, Regulatory and Quality Assurance departments and which, after the completion of the expansion and renovation works, now puts on a completely new look, under the name of genesis.


genesis is born

The name genesis evokes the idea of origin, start, creation, and carries with it the value of a historical memory, embodied in the recovery and transfer of the pharmacy-reception from the ancient headquarters in Massagno. The choice of the name is a perfect combination between concepts and ideals, between history and future: the very idea of ​​origin as a key element of its motion and progress. Calling the building genesis means assimilating it to a new beginning for future projects, giving a sense of unlimited potential and unexplored opportunities, which can develop in the near future.

With the creation of 112 new open space workstations, three meeting rooms, phone booths, acoustic rooms and recreational spaces arranged on two floors, genesis becomes the largest IBSA space entirely dedicated to office work.

The creation of a mezzanine, which expanded the usable surface area of ​​the building, and the building of large panoramic windows made it possible to transform a portion of the structure, previously used by IBSA as an archive and storage space, into an environment capable of hosting different types of work: individual, collective, formal and informal.


genesis is born


The design of genesis was guided by the desire to minimise any negative impact on the environment and promote the well-being of collaborators: an innovative workspace, in line with the wellness philosophy.

The words that populate the walls and which reflect IBSA’s values – together with the inclusion of green areas in the common spaces and meeting rooms – are some of the many examples of how to create environments conducive to concentration, creativity and well-being.