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IBSA at IMCAS 2024: the company looks at the future focusing on research and innovation

IBSA at IMCAS 2024

Also this year IBSA Derma – the company’s Dermoaesthetic Division – was the protagonist of 25th edition of the prestigious IMCAS World Congress, the leading international event dedicated to the world of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and plastic surgery, which was held in Paris from 1 to 3 February. The focus of the event was innovation and the future of modern treatment, with an overall look at the techniques, themes and methods applied in aesthetic sciences.

Also in this edition, IBSA proved to be the company capable of offering innovative technologies, while continuing to promote a preservative, rather than transformative, approach in aesthetic medicine.

This year, in particular, IBSA’s Dermoaesthetic Division organised a symposium with the major international experts in aesthetic medicine. The meeting, entitled The new frontier of adipose tissue restoration in response to aging, offered the opportunity to present for the first time a new product from the Profhilo® line developed with the NAHYCO® proprietary technology.

In a constantly evolving sector like this, the future of aesthetic medicine necessarily goes through innovation. For IBSA, innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine does not only concern the product, but also how it is used. IBSA’s research has always focused – and will continue to focus – on products capable of giving a tailor-made response to patients, adopting new approaches capable of combining aesthetic and regenerative medicine”, stated Tania Pirazzini, Head of IBSA’s Dermoaesthetic Division. The goal we set for ourselves is to continue to disseminate a new culture that considers aesthetic medicine as a proper medical treatment, collaborating with experts and Scientific Societies and continuing to invest in research and development, in order to offer increasingly cutting edge solutions”.

Among these is regenerative aesthetic medicine, a new branch of medicine that aims to counter skin aging by introducing aesthetic improvements through a process of skin regeneration, promoting the repair of damaged tissues and improving the cellular environment through personalised protocols. Beauty thus becomes synonymous with well-being.

Dating back to 2015, IBSA’s commitment in the field of regenerative medicine has consolidated over the years, with the aim of promoting treatments favouring the physiological process of skin remodelling. And it is precisely with this in mind that the company invests – and will continue to invest – both in research and demand analysis, to remain constantly updated on the actual needs of doctors and patients.