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A closer look into the IBSA World: IBSA UK

A closer look into the IBSA World is the new feature dedicated to discovering IBSA’s subsidiaries. With this news cycle we aim to offer an overview of the initiatives and challenges undertaken by IBSA subsidiaries in the relevant local contexts, while emphasising the diversity and extent of the operations at an international level.

The first in-depth analysis of this new communication project is dedicated to IBSA UK, a young but rapidly growing subsidiary.


With their famous stiff upper lip and an inexhaustible supply of sarcasm, the British remind us that every challenge – even the most strenuous – must be faced with competence and ingenuity, but also with a healthy touch of humour

The story that Steven Knapp, General Manager of IBSA UK, told us is proof of this.

Born about two years ago from the acquisition of Pharmasure (IBSA’s historic distributor in the UK), IBSA UK is going through a huge expansion phase. Positive results have been achieved from the integration between the subsidiary and its parent company, harmonisation between the existing team and the new collaborators, and economic indicators.

A closer look into the IBSA World: IBSA UK


Even when it comes to business objectives, IBSA UK thinks big. Supported by the entire group, the subsidiary has set ambitious goals for its development within the British market, aiming to further expand its portfolio of products and services across all major therapeutic areas.


A closer look into the IBSA World: IBSA UK

In the reproductive and osteoarticular therapy areas, IBSA UK has adopted marketing strategies and established partnerships aimed to consolidate its position in the market.

In reproductive medicine, the goal is to offer added value to healthcare professionals and patients through dedicated and personalised services. A tangible example is the training offer for fertility nurses by specialised personnel made available by IBSA UK. Another example are the scientific update meetings, including the series of ARTiculate education events dedicated to fertility specialists.

The recent acquisition of Aura Fertility (an app that contains an array of psychosocial and holistic content targeted to improve the emotional wellbeing of patients undergoing ART) is another important component of this complex strategy.

A further strength of  IBSA UK is the direct management of its own wholesale and HomeCare business, which supports a constant and reliable availability of drugs, a very relevant topic in reproductive medicine. The management of the supply chain is entirely internal: products are shipped to hospitals, clinics or directly to patients.

Another critical asset is the osteoarticular therapeutic area. IBSA UK has recently expanded its offering with the launch of two products from the IBSA portfolio. The journey is only at the beginning but, based on the experience acquired, everyone feels very confident: initial feedback from doctors and patients has  been very positive.


A closer look into the IBSA World: IBSA UK

The starting framework is well outlined: clear strategy, defined objectives, winning portfolio. But, as always, people make the difference

Steven Knapp will tell us about it, together with Product Managers Dhruti Jadeja and James Gibson:

People are a key priority. President Licenziati gave us a touching example by calling the people who work for him not as employees, but as “collaborators”, a word that exudes a sense of connection and mutual trust – something we strongly believe in. Far from being just a semantic issue, this choice reflects a profoundly human approach; it’s a gesture that conveys the idea of ​​a large family, in which everyone is valued and respected. And this inspired us – and still does, every day”.

And, finally, a focus on IBSA UK’s commitment to CSR:

We recognise the importance of making all people feel respected, accepted, supported and valued. We actively strive to maintain balance at all levels, creating a diverse organisation that welcomes different opinions and thoughts. Furthermore, in 2023 we engaged in our first CSR event, dedicating our time – as volunteers assisting a urban regeneration project – for  the local YMCA, a charity dedicated to supporting young people globally. In 2024 we will replicate and build further on this”, concluded Steven Knapp.