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The IBSA Pharma UK website is online: the consolidation of the Group in the British market goes on

The year 2022 witnessed an extension to the family of subsidiaries of IBSA Group, which expanded into strategic countries for the growth of the company. The year 2023 opens with the aim of consolidating these new markets, including the British one. In May of last year, the acquisition of Pharmasure – now IBSA Pharma Ltd – was indeed finalised. The objective of the new subsidiary is to reinforce the Group’s activity in the fertility sector and establish itself in other therapeutic areas in the United Kingdom.

With the birth of IBSA Pharma Ltd, we completed our presence in the major European markets. IBSA continues to grow, constantly guided by strong values and by our four pillars, which direct our way of operating in every part of the world. Each subsidiary draws inspiration from this commonality of values and objectives, while carrying on the exciting challenge of making them their own, adapting them to their local context”, stated Antonio Melli, Vice President of the IBSA Group.

Indeed, communication channels also contribute to strengthening our presence on the market and to conveying national and global activities with a communication appropriate to local specificities. It was precisely with this in mind that the new IBSA Pharma UK website was launched; a point of reference to get know the UK subsidiary and all the activities that the Group will develop in the United Kingdom.

The new IBSA UK website is online

Pharmasure has been the sole distributor of IBSA fertility drugs in the UK for over twenty years. Thanks to this experience, IBSA Pharma UK was born already with a consolidated background in terms of product reliability and safety, both in the private and public sectors. Now the new subsidiary will further consolidate its reputation and growth within the UK market, managing the distribution and homecare service with a dedicated team and an approach based on quality and customisation of services.

I am very proud to be part of IBSA, as we set sail on this journey. We are all very excited for the future of IBSA in the UK; the union of the two cultures of IBSA Global and the Pharmasure family has been very positive, bringing investment and development into a passionate and committed organisation, in order to make a greater difference for patients and healthcare professionals in the UK”, commented Steven Knapp, General Manager of IBSA Pharma Ltd.