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IBSA’s innovative and tailor-made approach that enhances everyone’s authentic beauty

Enhancing beauty, unique and perfect in its imperfection: this is the pivot around which revolves I’MPERFECT®, the new approach promoted by IBSA, which offers an on-going, personalised process, tailor-made to the patient’s face, to delicately rebalance its contours, harmonise its strategic points and enhance its authentic beauty.

Presented in several international scientific contexts, I’MPERFECT® is an approach that promotes the doctor-patient dialogue as a real chance to comprehend the latter’s expectations and translate them into opportunities, through a medium-/long-term path.

In the last decade, the concept of aesthetic medicine has undergone a significant evolution, and today patients show an increasingly stronger need to be listened to by their doctor, to be followed along a path specifically customised for them and to achieve results that do not distort, but rather enhance the authentic beauty of each one of them.


The new I’MPERFECT® approach by IBSA



Beauty has always been within us, and can be recognised and valued over time. IBSA’s I’MPERFECT® approach helps awaken everyone’s beauty through an on-going, customised process, delicately rebalancing the contours of the face and harmonising its strategic points. This message is presented to the world through the launch of a strategic communication campaign that includes online and offline planning at a global level. The visual concept of the campaign is represented by three frames which, in a prospective sense, epitomise the treatment personalised for each patient, in order to enhance their authentic beauty within an unbroken path.

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If on their face patients act with a view to prevention and maintenance, clearly expressing their desires, the body is a little more difficult to figure out. In fact, there is a tendency to think that there can be no solution, and often women act to correct an already evident problem, for example in view of the summer emergency. It is estimated that the time dedicated to body care is 20%, versus 80% for the face. To adequately inform patients about the outcomes that aesthetic medicine offers in terms of prevention and treatment, IBSA has developed the new photographic scale of laxity, dedicated to the inside of the arms.

It’s a useful tool for the doctor-patient discussion, because it helps to better understand to what level of laxity can one’s inner arms correspond (from 1 to 5), and therefore to calibrate expectations. This scale has been validated through a rigorous scientific process, which has also seen the collaboration of leading experts in the sector. The photographic scale of laxity has also been published in the authoritative scientific journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology.

Thanks to its expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine and in the production of Ultrapure hyaluronic acid, IBSA Derma aims at enhancing the beauty of the body as much as that of the face, proposing its hybrid hyaluronic acid based on patented technology.