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IBSA sponsor of the 1st International Conference on Transdermal Drug Delivery

Expanding the prospects for cutting-edge innovations, in particular those that in the biomedical field can improve the delivery of drugs by transdermal route, thus increasing their effectiveness: this was the focus of the first International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Transdermal Drug Delivery, held in Naples (Italy) from 17 to 19 April.

Particularly important for the pharmaceutical industry at international level, the event was organised by Materias together with the Eduardo Caianiello Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems (ISASI, Istituto di Scienze Applicate e Sistemi Intelligenti) of the National Council for Research and the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro – and was sponsored by IBSA and Altergon Italy.

The leading exponents of the scientific and academic world gathered for insights, in-depth analyses, talks, lectures and poster sessions, in an event that was a unique opportunity to network and meet international players in the sector, as well as industrial corporations.

At the heart of every IBSA activity is the patient: we start from listening to their needs, in order to answer with solutions that can improve their quality of life, with more effective and better performing products that better meet their health needs. Without innovation, without sharing and collaboration between researchers and companies, none of this would be possible, and it’s precisely based on this awareness that we have chosen to collaborate with Materias and support this Conference”, commented Tiziano Fossati, Head of Research & Development Pharmaceutical at IBSA. “We believe it is important to invest effort and resources in opportunities that can lead to a profitable debate between scientists and innovators, to accelerate innovation processes and facilitate the transition from research to market”.


Cutting-edge research, advanced technology, quality and excellence. These and many other topics were addressed during the event, ranging from the regulatory aspects of the new regulation for the registration of medical devices to the research news regarding skin patches, with a particular focus on the research and development of microneedle-based devices for the controlled subcutaneous administration of active ingredients.

The use of this kind of devices stands out for its simplicity, having the advantage of being self-administered, cheap and painless compared to injections with classic hypodermic needles. It’s a technology that shows how the deep tech innovation can ensure benefits both in healthcare and in everyday life.


During the Conference, a great deal of importance was also placed on scientific and technological partnerships: collaboration and the sharing of skills and know-how is in fact essential for accelerating research and development processes in the biomedical field. IBSA and Altergon are an example of how fruitful collaboration can be in the sector, involving academic excellence even beyond national borders.

As indeed Maurizio Pagliuca, COO of Altergon Italia, pointed out: “The Campania area is emerging as a dynamic reality, strongly connected with the world of Italian research and with the great ability to implement extremely challenging projects, in terms of scientific studies and development of technologies and innovation. It’s an increasingly important meeting point, a bridge that unites it with leading industrial realities at national and international level; and it is also due to Materias and events like today’s that we enhance innovation in the biomedical field, while increasing the attractiveness of our territory and the Italian competitiveness in the sector”.