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Screening human rights: IBSA is the main sponsor of the tenth edition of the Human Rights Film Festival Lugano

Lugano, October 19-29, 2023. Eleven days of screenings at the tenth edition of the international show Human Rights Film Festival Lugano (Switzerland), an appointment which triggers every year a reflection on human rights, in a world where violations and inequalities are increasingly obvious.



Always attentive to the importance of these issues, IBSA has once again chosen to support the Festival as main sponsor, helping to give visibility to the stories and testimonies narrated in the films presented to the public and, more generally, to the voices of those who promote a new form of discussion and reflection, for a more equitable and supportive society.

Human Rights Film Festival Lugano 2023

Thanks to the artistic power of the films and the testimonies of the protagonists, the Human Rights Film Festival Lugano (FFDUL, Film Festival Diritti Umani Lugano) continues to try, as per its tradition, to shed light and to emphasise little-known or unfortunately forgotten realities, projecting the life stories of those who, all over the world, fight for their rights through the language of the seventh art.

Unknown but culturally precious stories, which help promote the world’s diverse cinematography, promoting a wider representation of voices and perspectives; stories that tell of inequalities and injustices, far away in terms of setting, but much closer to us than one might think. More than one hundred works nominated in the initial selection and eight competing films, from every corner of the world; a diverse selection of films and screenings, accompanied by insights, debates and meetings with international and local guests, including foundations, non-governmental organisations, witnesses of significant events and authors who shared their perspectives and experiences.

Human Rights Film Festival Lugano 2023



Antonio Prata, Director of FFDUL, commented: “The contest brought surprising results, which we are very happy about, both for the quality of the films proposed and for the numbers achieved. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Festival is a point of restart, rather than arrival. Through art, we aim to convey a message of solidarity and closeness, a message in defence of human rights, which are increasingly trampled upon”.


Human Rights Film Festival Lugano 2023

Lots of new features in this tenth edition, starting from the OLTRE FESTIVAL (“Beyond the Festival”), a programme full of events supporting the main show which – through exhibitions, side initiatives and other cultural proposals – brought the Festival into different contexts, touching and involving, more than in past editions, the entire city of Lugano.

On the going beyond topic there is also full convergence with the values of IBSA, which is committed – also through art and culture – to going beyond care, putting the person at the centre.

As pointed out by Luca Grassi, Chief Financial Officer, IBSA: “Going beyond, projecting ourselves towards the future, navigating unexplored paths: IBSA has always welcomed the challenges arising both on the therapeutic front and beyond. As well as financial, our support for the Festival is also based on values: it’s a partnership that drives us to look even further ahead, in areas that touch sensitivity and help us reflect”.

Just as the students of the Lugano schools were able to do, who participated in the screenings during school hours, stimulating a discussion on the complex but dramatically real themes proposed by the Festival: kids who represent the future of humanity, a future on which IBSA wants to build, to spread everywhere a full awareness of human rights and inequalities, but also to construct new perspectives of solidarity, coexistence and hope.

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