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Research and innovation, consolidation and expansion: these are the keywords representing IBSA’s Dermoaesthetic division. A reality that follows the entire hyaluronic acid production chain: from the bio-fermentation of the raw material to the production and marketing of the final product, introducing the revolutionary idea of a beauty closely bound to a global concept of well-being. After the expansion in the Nordic countries in 2020 and in Spain and Portugal in 2021, the year 2022 saw the opening of new direct subsidiaries, but above all the company’s new landing in South America in particular in Brazil, a success made possible by research, know-how and products’ innovation.

Indeed, thanks to the overall vision characterising IBSA Derma as a benchmark in the Aesthetic Medicine sector and to the ability and sensitivity to interpret needs and promote new trends – while always respecting the local context it operates in – the division is consolidating its presence, aiming at the expansion in 2024 in a new important market, that of China.

Until a few years ago, Aesthetic Medicine was linked to stereotypes. Today, however, thanks to regenerative medicine, which introduces aesthetic improvements through a process of tissue regeneration, everyone has begun to understand that beauty is synonymous with well-being. This is why the global demand is for a product that gives a healthier appearance, with a view to general rejuvenation, in order to improve one’s appearance, without twisting it”, explained Tania Pirazzini, Head of the Dermoaesthetic Department.

However, a new culture needs to be spread that sees Aesthetic Medicine as an actual treatment in the medical field, as a real cure that shows its effectiveness first and foremost on a psychological level, increasing self-confidence while improving social relationships, as well as everyone’s daily life.

The drive towards a continuous growth focuses on something IBSA already knows well: hyaluronic acid. “There is still so much to discover about this molecule. Far from being just a volumizer, its potential is still partly unexplored. That’s why this will still be the focus of our research. We want to improve the market segment linked to tissue regeneration, which we will do thanks to a new formulation, also part of Nahyco® Hybrid Technology”, specified Pirazzini.

IBSA Derma Worldwide


At the beginning of December 2022, during IBSA Derma’s Marketing Meeting – which was attended by over 200 collaborators between distributors and subsidiaries – innovative, future-oriented projects were presented, from the research and development of new products to the birth of a new division entirely dedicated to scientific training (“IBSA DERMA Medical Education”), which will be active starting from 2023.

The know-how applied to hyaluronic acid-based products, the constant drive for innovation and the “patient-centric approach are three crucial elements that distinguish IBSA in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, making it a major international player.