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IBSA China: a strategic role for the growth of the Group

Two facilities that, together, occupy over 7 hectares and count 7 production plants, 2 quality control labs for chemical-physical and microbiological tests, 2 research and development platforms, 1 quality control department for biological tests, 10 warehouses and almost 200 collaborators. These are the numbers of the two IBSA’s Chinese production sites, located in Huashan (Qingdao) and Lanshan (Rizhao), in Shandong Province.

These numbers hint at the great development and production capacity of the company in this geographical area, which – starting from 1998 (the year of the inauguration of the Qingdao plant) – has seen its strategic role grow for the entire Group, so much so as to require, in 2002, a further expansion with the Rizhao site.


The factories in Qingdao and Rizhao contribute to the growth and innovation of IBSA products by concentrating their activity in particular in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), with the production of fertility hormones – specifically human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG ) – and in the osteoarticular area, with the production of chondroitin sulphate. Both sites are specialised in the production of active ingredients and/or pharmaceutical intermediates: at the Qingdao site, for example, an initial phase of processing of gonadotropins takes place, which are then further purified in Switzerland.

All factories have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified systems and equipment, plus numerous certifications and recognitions relating to the highest standards of production, as well as the safety and reliability of systems and production. Moreover, the Rizhao plant recently obtained the SA8000 Ethical Certification (Social Accountability 8000) – a worldwide recognised reference standard created with the aim of ensuring optimal working conditions – which distinguishes those organisations committed to sustainable development, with particular attention to social issues.


More than 20 years after their launch, IBSA China’s plants continue to grow in terms of production activity and collaborators. To date, people hired in China have almost reached the significant number of 200, with an average age of 35. Always attentive to the Person, the subsidiary has worked to give increasingly more space and importance to its employees by creating welfare policies, instruments and activities that could improve the personal well-being and the life within the company. In this sense, for example, recreational activities have been designed, and spaces have been made available for the practice of other sports and for leisure, such as gyms, basketball courts, etc.

Also thanks to this attention towards its own People, the sense of belonging and trust towards the company has grown a lot over time, so much so that many collaborators have been able to build their career entirely within IBSA China. This is the case of Liu Qidong, who for 22 years (2001-2023) worked within the IBSA plants with a great sense of responsibility and strong dedication to his work and who is preparing to retire this year. Liu has been involved in several functions over the years – such as the maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment – to then become responsible for the supervision of safety, while always remaining an actual point of reference for his colleagues. By transmitting IBSA’s values ​​and spirit with his sense of responsibility and dedication, Mr. Liu has become an example for everyone. To him goes the gratitude of the entire “IBSA family”, as well as our best wishes for a well-deserved rest!