Sustainability & CSR

IBSA and MUSE, together to promote the culture of sustainability

To be promoters of change on an economic, social and environmental level, with actions that can be both information and food for thought: it is with this aim that IBSA has chosen to support MUSE – Museo delle Scienze di Trento (Italy). Specifically, IBSA supports the Sustainability Gallery, a space designed to explore the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, with the aim of raising awareness of sustainable development and social responsibility.


IBSA and Muse: promoting the culture of sustainability

With its 400 square meters of exhibition space, the Sustainability Gallery of MUSE offers the opportunity to reflect on the themes and challenges representing the major drivers of global change.

Six interactive tables explore the major topics of the ecosystem crisis: loss of biodiversity, climate change, a changing world and population growth. One table addresses the culture of sustainability – with reference to the 2030 Agenda as an action plan – and another projects itself into the future.

In addition, inside the Sustainability Gallery is the Goal Zero Area: a special space dedicated to some virtuous experiences of companies that follow new business models, aimed at sustainability. Ten entrepreneurial stories that show how the private sector is also moving towards more sustainable alternative economy models.


IBSA and Muse: promoting the culture of sustainability

Last June 12, the Sustainability Gallery received the CULTURA + IMPRESA (“CULTURE + BUSINESS”) 2022-2023 Award, section Sponsorships and Partnerships. Promoted by Federculture and The Round Table, in collaboration with ALES – the Italian Ministry of Culture – and now in its tenth edition, the Prize is the most important Italian acknowledgment for projects that see culture and businesses play together.

This accolade rewards the best projects carried out in Italy (over 130 were nominated this year) which promoted public-private collaboration, while reinforcing the increasingly strategic dialogue between companies and cultural operators, and bears witness to the great commitment on the part of the museum and supporting companies such as IBSA, which aim at promoting and implementing the culture of sustainability.


IBSA has been supporting MUSE since 2022, but the partnership between the IBSA world and the Museo delle Scienze di Trento dates back to 2017, with the support from IBSA Foundation for scientific research, which is still on-going. Indeed, with the support of the IBSA Foundation MUSE organises several initiatives related to the synergy between art and science, including We are the Flood and Trento Scienza Grandi Eventi (“Trento Science Big Events”).

IBSA and IBSA Foundation proudly support MUSE, since they fully share the values ​​and philosophy promoted by the Museum.