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During the International Thyroid Week, IBSA launches the "Feel Thyroid" campaign

The International Thyroid Awareness Week – the appointment that from 25 to 31 May turns the spotlight on thyroid dysfunction and the complications of those living with these conditions – is back. On this occasion, IBSA has promoted several initiatives and launched “Feel Thyroid”, the new global awareness campaign, on hypothyroidism in particular.


To open the International Thyroid Awareness Week, IBSA – in collaboration with TFI (Thyroid Federation International, the global organisation of patients with thyroid diseases) – promotes the webinar “Patient-centered approach to hypothyroidism”, an opportunity for a detailed analysis of the issues related to hypothyroidism and the experience of those who live with this disease every day.

It is estimated that over 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from thyroid disorders, and that hypothyroidism alone affects approximately 5% of the global population, with a prevalence among women. And yet, thyroid diseases are difficult to recognize, because they present non-specific symptoms, which lead to late diagnoses and several problems in identifying the most appropriate treatment. There are still many daily issues for people affected by thyroid dysfunction: the international study E-MPATHY (E-Mode Patient self-Assessment of THYroid therapy) investigated these aspects involving almost 4,000 hypothyroid patients from 68 countries. The trial highlighted a general dissatisfaction with the treatment, due above all to the relationship between the patient and their doctor: indeed, interviewees complain of several negative experiences with doctors, and over 50% report a strong lack of trust.


Learning to recognize the different symptoms and interacting with the doctor are critical steps to reach an early diagnosis of hypothyroidism and other thyroid diseases. The Feel Thyroid campaign consists of a dedicated platform – – designed for patients and the general public, where one can find useful information and, above all, interactive tools and educational content that can provide interesting insights for discussions with the doctor. The contents of Feel Thyroid are available in English, and soon also in the original languages ​​of several European countries, including Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Poland.

Listening to the patients and their real needs, the desire to improve people’s quality of life and to support each one in their therapeutic path are the pillars on which IBSA founds its actions and around which the entire campaign Feel Thyroid revolves. The disease awareness campaign, in fact, is an instrument of empowerment aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of hypothyroidism and promoting the dialogue with the doctor, to reinforce in hypothyroid patients the message that the disease is not a limit, and should not preclude the possibility of leading an active and quality life.