Therapeutic Areas

Higher education for the “next gen” through the IBSA Educational Program

IBSA has always been committed to ensuring the best possible care for patients, a commitment which is also achieved through the medical training of specialists in all the therapeutic areas where the company actively operates.

In the area of hormone therapies, which is connected to endocrinology and reproductive medicine, IBSA has provided strong innovation. Based on this expertise, in 2021 the company introduced the IBSA Educational Program, a project designed to facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge and interaction between international professionals, with particular attention to the training of future generations of specialists.

The IBSA Educational Program is divided into two areas: the lBSA Knowledge Hub and the IBSA Educational Platform.


Through masterclasses in reproductive medicine and endocrinology, IBSA aims to build an advanced training program, which takes the name of IBSA Knowledge Hub. The objective of this program is to offer the “next gen” of young doctors a valuable training experience, designed and developed by international experts. Indeed, the added value of the masterclasses lies in a full immersion between theory and practice, and in the opportunity of debating with experts, in the context of a more direct interaction than a lecture or an international conference.

In 2023, IBSA organised in Parma (Italy) the first two IBSA Masterclasses in Reproductive Medicine and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). The meetings were held in September and November, and saw the participation of 18 young specialists, with an international board of teachers from different countries. The first course focused on pathophysiology, while the second on the clinical management of reproductive medicine. The 44 hours of training were divided into frontal readings, role-plays, discussions and practical exercises, in which learners were able to practice on various clinical cases proposed by the board.

Equally successful was the Thyroid Ultrasound Assessment Masterclass, which was held in June in Lugano (Switzerland), with the aim of providing young endocrinologists with basic skills on thyroid ultrasound.

As summed up by Paola Fasola, Sr. Medical Affairs Manager: “IBSA is committed to providing constant and advanced training to the medical profession, with particular attention to the next generation of specialists. The masterclasses offered the opportunity to build networks, and were greatly appreciated by participants. We will continue planning new courses, since this is a project in which IBSA strongly believes”.


The other arm supporting medical training for specialists in endocrinology and reproductive medicine is IBSA Educational Platform, a digital library of all the materials produced by IBSA in recent years in these two therapeutic areas.

The materials available on the platform include symposiums, webinars and various contributions from IBSA subsidiaries. The online platform offers videos in English on a broad range of topics, providing ideas and insights for discussions. Access to this platform is free for healthcare professionals, and requires registration at the link