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World Days of 2022: special dates, to raise awareness of social issues and topics of common interest

They were established well before the foundation of the United Nations, in 1945, but it’s only since then that they have been institutionalised, becoming part of the international political and communication agenda. Today, there are about 160.

We are talking about the World Days, anniversaries celebrated throughout the year to inform, raise awareness, stimulate reflection and debate and move to action. Each world day focuses on a specific theme, and has several objectives: to build a collective memory of significant historical events, to support society’s efforts on particular issues, or even to raise funds for emergencies and development, research and prevention projects in various contexts.

To become World Days, they follow a process of approval by the United Nations Assembly, which has adopted them as a powerful tool to support the values ​​that the UN promotes internationally, such as for example the maintenance of peace and security, the promotion of sustainable development, the defence of human rights, the guarantee of international law and humanitarian interventions.

IBSA is particularly sensitive to these issues, since it has always been committed to an increasingly comprehensive sustainability, in total adherence to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda. This translates into projects and initiatives for the benefit of people, communities and the planet, and – as in this case – in communication campaigns that raise awareness of issues of common interest.

In 2022, IBSA has chosen to support several themes related to the World Days with a dedicated campaign on its social channels. Let’s find out together:


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