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Nature, science and art at the heart of the 3rd edition of Narture

A one-of-a-kind event, that IBSA conceived to explore novelties and future innovations in the field of fertility. Three days of discussion, sharing and active participation by all the specialists present, dominated by three key words: nature, science and art.

This was the heart of the 3rd Narture International Summit on Reproductive Medicine, which took place from 9 to 11 September and which saw the participation of the most renowned European experts in the field of fertility, called to share their experiences and best practice, in addition to the main scientific news.

To reinforce the concept behind the Summit, the appointment was held in a truly exceptional location: the LAC – Lugano Arte e Cultura, the largest cultural and congress centre in the city of Lugano. The very name Narture was born to evoke the focus on human nature as a guiding element of progress in the field of medicine, and on art as a cultural medium and communication tool; and at the same time the name strongly refers to the technological and innovation aspect in the acronym ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) related to Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP).

Summit is the word that best describes this event, characterised by a high level of interaction and exchange and designed to leave each participant with tools and knowledge that can really be useful in carrying out their daily activities”, explained Paola Fasola, Senior Scientific Advisor & Marketing Manager, IBSA Group. “Future before birth is the claim we chose and which effectively summarises our goal: to transmit and promote the exchange of scientific and innovative contents. Only in this way can we ensure that innovation and science are always at the service of people, especially in such a delicate and complex area as that of fertility”.

This “marriage” between science and art, especially digital, has developed into a dense interdisciplinary program of scientific exchange and exciting cultural expression. The programme has been studied by a Scientific Board totally independent of IBSA, designated to select and ensure the most innovative and cutting-edge scientific contents. For each day, the Board chose a keyword around which the presentations, lectures and speeches were centred: Inspiration, Innovation and Impulse were the leitmotifs that guided this three-day event, with also an interactive part – Interaction – for insights and deep dive discussions organised for the benefit of the over 200 experts that IBSA invited to participate.

To guide every debate, the commitment and determination to inspire the future of MAP, to open new paths and to find new directions, in order to offer not only effective therapies, but also – and above all – well-being to patients during their treatment.

The 3rd edition of the Narture International Summit