IBSA in the World

Many faces, one single company: each subsidiary tells its own story on its own website

A single starting point from which different roads branch off, each with its own path and evolution, people and facets. It is precisely to describe each of these paths that, in addition to running its own institutional website, IBSA motivated its subsidiaries to create their own website. The target? Communicate the Company’s philosophy in each country, while enhancing its individual specificities.

The expansion of IBSA on the global market through the opening of its own subsidiaries began over 25 years ago”, explained Antonio Melli, Vice President of the Group. “In the coming months we will finalise further, important acquisitions, after which we will be able to consider the phase of worldwide subsidiary setting up and opening completed. Each of them has its own peculiarities, but it’s nice to see that there is a robust and shared common basis: our four pillars, our vision and our mission are universal values that transcend geographical boundaries”.

The websites of IBSA's subsidiaries

Active in over 90 countries on 5 continents, with around 2,000 people employed in 16 subsidiaries in Europe, China and the United States, IBSA had already reorganised the Group’s institutional website in 2021, with a complete restyling of graphics and content. Today, all the websites of the IBSA subsidiaries have also been updated and enriched, with the aim of ensuring cohesion and synergy, as well as transmitting a clear and coherent corporate image to all internal and external partners.

The websites of the IBSA subsidiaries can be reached by selecting the reference headquarters in the list, at the link: www.ibsagroup.com/subsidiaries.html

IBSA’s way of operating in its individual subsidiaries – which now have the opportunity to tell the company vision and mission in their own local context – originates from the Swiss Headquarters. Through a harmonious process of exchange and interaction, the websites of the various countries are either created from scratch or updated, so that each subsidiary can communicate effectively with its own stakeholders, while increasing its chance to illustrate its therapeutic areas and highlight locally implemented initiatives.

We will continue to narrate the IBSA subsidiaries through the words of the General Managers, in the context of a dedicated project that will be launched in the coming weeks.