Sailing into the Future

Sailing into the Future. Together: a new challenge for IBSA

Going further, looking at the future, walking along unexplored roads. IBSA has always welcomed the challenges arising on the therapeutic front and beyond, engaging in areas that allow the company to go beyond the treatment. The new project Sailing into the Future. Together – an actual sporting endeavour that also metaphorically represents the company’s philosophy and vision was born from our sensitivity to sustainability issues and our commitment to sport.

The protagonist is a Class40, an innovative boat equipped with cutting-edge technologies and designed for solo sailing, aboard which the skipper will have to prove all his talent and courage, living an experience in close contact with nature. But the project also acquires different meanings, all related to the four Pillars of IBSA – Person, Innovation, Quality, Responsibility – and touches on social responsibility issues.

Sailing into the Future. Together, in fact, brings IBSA ever closer to the issue of sustainability, promoting respect for nature and supporting people with disabilities. To narrate the project, the website was created, available in Italian, English and French. From here, it will be possible to follow the various stages of the initiative, from the preparation of the regatta to the actual race and all the projects that will be activated in a context of social responsibility.


IBSA supports the project right from the design and building of the Class40 boat, which will participate in several international solo regattas, including the prestigious Route du Ruhm – Destination Guadelupe. At the helm of the boat – as well as in charge of the enterprise – will be the skipper Alberto Bona, from Turin, internationally recognised and experienced and talented navigator. But Sailing into the Future. Together is a project that transcends sporting boundaries. Indeed, IBSA has decided to be a partner of some nautical clubs to support inclusive sailing initiatives.

The first collaboration is with the Punta Ala Yacht Club (Grosseto), a club that has always been committed to supporting young people with disabilities, and which considers sport a powerful tool for social integration. IBSA will donate to the Punta Ala Yacht Club two boats for disabled people, thus involving them in experiences in close contact with the sea and enabling them to compete in integrated races.


On the occasion of the first edition (2022) of the Sport for Nature Awards, which was held on March 17, IBSA obtained an important recognition. In celebrating the “sport with a green soul”, Sport for Nature has in fact awarded the Sailing into the Future project. Together a prize in the category Azienda per il sociale – IBSA – Vela inclusiva (“Company for social initiatives – IBSA – Inclusive sailing”), recognising the company’s sensitivity towards environmental and social sustainability, as well as its contribution to the social integration of people with disabilities through sailing as a means for inclusion.