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The Thyroidea International Summit: a debate and exchange of views in endocrinology

The first edition of IBSA’s Thyroidea – an international summit on thyroid – was held on April 22 and 23 at the Sheraton in Como. Renowned European experts from the medical-scientific sector came together to illustrate the progress made in the field of endocrinology in recent years, and to define the next steps to be taken in the ​​thyroid health area.

With about 200 participants from all over Europe, a top-level scientific board and a two-day agenda of meetings, the Thyroidea summit – entirely conceived and organised by IBSA – was a precious moment of interaction, as well as an opportunity to delve into the endocrinological debate.

"Since the beginning of our business, we set ourselves the goal of engaging in scientific research, in order to offer innovative and effective solutions that improve the lives of patients. With this summit, IBSA intends to stimulate the exchange of views in an area such as endocrinology – where innovation is a very complex matter – by bringing together leading scientific personalities, with the aim of laying the foundations for new discoveries and innovations for thyroid health": with these words Arturo Licenziati, President and CEO of IBSA, opened the Como summit.


The very name of the event expresses the deepest essence of the summit. The title of the two-day meeting comes in fact from the merging of the words, thyroid and idea: Thyroidea is a high-level summit aimed at inspiring discussion and at gathering new ideas about thyroid health (inspiration).

Charting tomorrow is the claim of the event, the ultimate goal of the two days of meetings: to present the updates on the most recent innovations and to trace the future roadmap with regard to thyroid health (innovation).

And the agenda guided attendees to an all-round involvement. Lectures and in-depth sessions with the Scientific Board were in fact followed by the opportunity to participate in deep-dives, that is, moments of direct interaction with the speakers, for a fruitful exchange of experiences. Interactivity was indeed an essential component of the summit, as well as the pivot around which new ideas (impulse) were generated.


Thyroidea was therefore an event characterised by the high quality of its scientific content, which in turn was ensured by an external and independent board, a strategic choice that is part of IBSA’s desire to consolidate its credibility in the field of innovation in endocrinology. But it was not a purely scientific event: the experiential aspect was critical. In addition to sharing techniques, experiences were also shared; besides the acquisition of scientific knowledge, there was a lot of participation and discussion. Therefore the social aspect – which was greatly missed, after two years of virtual events – had great relevance.

As Silvio Dionisi, Head of Strategic Marketing, tells us: “At a strategic level, we wanted to organise an event that was innovative and different from the congresses and symposia we are all used to. We started thinking about it already in 2019, setting a first date: September 2020. We all know what happened in 2020 and 2021. For this reason, I am even more proud to be here today to inaugurate an event that we have been waiting for as long as three years. We are confident that this summit can well express all our commitment, and the extraordinary progress we have made so far in the endocrinology area”.

Thyroidea International Summit