IBSA main sponsor of La Casa dell’Hockey, the new editorial project by MediaTI/CdT

Hockey is one of the most loved sports in Ticino and Switzerland, and will be the protagonist of the new project editorial La Casa dell'Hockey (The House of Hockey). Promoted by the Corriere del Ticino Group and with IBSA’s main sponsorship for the 2022/23 season, La Casa dell'Hockey becomes part of the publishing group’s schedule.

From 29 August TeleTicino, Radio3i, Corriere del Ticino and Ticinonews have begun a dense program of sports content, which will allow fans to experience the fervor of the championship starting on 15 September.


The editorial offer involves all channels to give viewers an immersive experience in the world of hockey.

  • Teleticino will broadcast 28 games unencrypted, 12 of the regular season for the next 3 LNA hockey championships, as well as all the playoffs and the 4 derbies, for a total of 5,100 minutes of live coverage and 9,000 minutes of debate thanks to the successful Offside historical format.
  • Radio3i will broadcast a one-hour live broadcast every week to tell the emotions of players and technicians - a total of 70 contents including live broadcasts and podcasts - thanks to the involvement of 150 guests who can be reached by listeners through a dedicated live chat.
  • And again, on Ticinonews and exclusively on the pages of Corriere del Ticino there will be in-depth articles, interviews, analyses, opinions and all the highlights of the regular season hockey matches and the playoffs.
  • Furthermore, over the next few weeks, a special engagement platform will be offered for fans of which IBSA is the main sponsor.


Always a supporter of sport and its noblest values, IBSA has enthusiastically embraced the Corriere del Ticino Group project not only to help give greater visibility to hockey in Canton Ticino and throughout Switzerland, but also to actively participate in the life of the community.

IBSA is a company that has always been close to the world of sport: supporting it means promoting a health tool, but also bringing to the community values ​​that we deeply share such as commitment and determination, a sense of belonging, continuous improvement, solidarity and inclusion. As a company, we are committed to offering well-being in the broadest sense of the term, going beyond the therapeutic sphere and looking at the Person as a whole to respond to their needs and requirements” comments Luca Grassi, Chief Financial Officer of the IBSA Group.

For this new project linked to hockey, IBSA has chosen a dedicated claim. A claim that contains in two words all the disruptive passion of sport together with the beneficial effects on the health and well-being of the Person: ENERGIA TERAPEUTICA (THERAPEUTIC ENERGY).

It is precisely with this in mind that IBSA promotes this new initiative in the sports field, to offer moments of relaxation and entertainment in the name of quality sport and healthy competition.