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The Beauty of Change: sharing at the centre of IBSA’s Global Fertility Marketing Meeting

Global Fertility Marketing Meeting IBSA

An event dedicated to sharing and debate, to be aligned on current and future strategies and to communicate consistently, acting as a solid and united multinational company: this is the goal of the Global Fertility Marketing Meeting that IBSA organised last weekend, taking advantage of the large participation of its subsidiaries and distributors at the 38th ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) Congress, held in Milan on July 3-6.

The decision to make this internal alignment meeting coincide with a scientific event of international importance is not accidental. In fact, ESHRE represents a particularly valuable occasion for the entire IBSA Group, since reproductive medicine is the most widespread and transversal therapeutic area among its subsidiaries and distributors and, therefore, it can gather a large number of participants.

After two years of suspension due to the pandemic, the internal meeting was finally organised once again in physical presence, and gathered 100 people from around 40 countries – between subsidiaries and distributors – representing the 90 markets in which IBSA is active at global level.

The concept that guided and inspired the works was The Beauty of Change, a claim that well represents the growth and evolution IBSA has been experiencing in recent years. Every change – from the integration of subsidiaries to new acquisitions, or product launches – should be shared and experienced as a resource for the entire Group. And for this to be consistent and effective, a coordinated and continuous communication in all markets is essential.

Global Fertility Marketing Meeting IBSA

The Beauty of Change was also the recurring leitmotif that also guided the other activities planned for the ESHRE congress, such as the design of the IBSA stand and the organisation of the symposium From physiology to therapy: a new perspective to better enable treatment individualisation, held on Monday, July 4.

Meeting in person, exchanging once again ideas and experiences, discussing news and prospects looking into each other’s eyes: all this represented the real added value of the meeting, and reinforced the cohesion, awareness and pride of being part of a single, large company.