IBSA in the World

Special IBSA around the world: America


America is a vast and diverse continent. The approach to the pharmaceutical market must therefore be studied in detail, taking into account not only demand, but also the positioning to be achieved. IBSA’s strategy for growth on the American continent is based on two main points: in the USA, the company relies entirely on its own subsidiary, while in Latin America its presence is ensured by a number of large partner companies, true multinationals rooted in the region, which distribute the products in the various markets.

In the United States, IBSA is represented by its subsidiary IBSA Pharma Inc., led by CEO Aldo Donati. “The US market is a key market for a dynamic and expanding pharmaceutical company like IBSA. Less than two years after the start of the new subsidiary, IBSA Pharma Inc. is already performing very well, with four products on the market.” At present, IBSA’s US subsidiary is working mainly on endocrinology, with growth being driven by its thyroid product range. The development of the therapeutic area of pain and inflammation is also important, although still less so than endocrinology. “The United States is a complex and interesting market with huge growth opportunities. In our subsidiary’s development plans”, concludes Aldo Donati, “we intend to leverage IBSA’s full product range, which in total includes products from as many as ten therapeutic areas, in order to expand the therapeutic offering in the US market.

The situation is different in South America, where IBSA does not have any subsidiaries, but works with distributors with whom it has an established and fruitful partnership. Of the therapeutic areas, fertility is the most represented. IBSA products are distributed in all major markets on the subcontinent: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. In detail, here is the list of the main partners:

  • Laboratorios Bagó S.A (Argentina)
  • CORNE (Corporacion Operadora de Representaciones y Negocios, SA for the Mexican market)
  • UCB Biopharma LTDA (Brazil)
  • Megalabs (new distributor for various South American countries)
  • Eurofarma (multinational that manages Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador)

In addition to fertility, the therapeutic areas of pain and inflammation, urology and dermoaesthetics are also well represented. In particular, dermoaesthetics has recently seen strong expansion in South America thanks to important partnerships with:

  • TecnoImagen (Argentina)
  • Dermavan MX (Mexico)
  • Dermavan S.A.S. (Colombia)  
  • POL-LUX (Brazil)
  • Flama Chile SA (Chile)
  • Silimed (Dominican Republic)
  • Repca Medical (Guatemala)
  • El Alamo (Paraguay)
  • H&K Pharma (Peru)

The development strategy for the next two years envisages a general expansion of regional coverage and the introduction of new therapeutic areas, through the strengthening of partnerships with distributors. Carmen Vigorelli, Senior International Sales Manager (International Business Operations) at IBSA explains: “South America is a market of enormous interest to IBSA. At present, Latin American countries contribute only 2% of the total world turnover. There is therefore a very large margin and all the prerequisites for further growth in this area”.