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Sustainability, environment and sport: IBSA participates in Bikecoin, the challenge where everyone is a winner

IBSA was among the first participants who signed up to Bikecoin, the initiative launched by Mobalt - Alternative Mobility which, in a partnership with the City of Lugano and several local companies, is aimed at encouraging the use of the bicycle for commuting and in the spare time, in Canton Ticino.

All IBSA employees were invited to download the Mobalt app and start (or simply keep) the habit of using a bicycle, whenever possible, in a friendly challenge with their colleagues. To boost motivation and a little bit of healthy competitiveness, the top “winners” have been awarded a company backpack containing IBSA products. 

The kick-off round of this initiative started on September 14th, as an early inauguration of the European Mobility Week (16-22 September), and saw its conclusion on Sunday November 14th. However, it is already being discussed how and when to launch a second round, in spring 2022.

Bikecoin is the answer to two very contemporary issues: urban mobility and sustainability. This project aims to improve traffic congestion and, at the same time, to trigger a virtuous cycle involving people’s lifestyle. Sustainability, in this sense, manages to positively influence both the environment and people’s wellbeing. 

IBSA is proud to be once again participating in a project built around the Person’s wellbeing through sport and ultimately, through the development of better mobility to improve people’s quality of life.

Federico Mautone, IBSA Group’s Rewarding & Organization Manager says: “An underestimated aspect of slow mobility, cycling in particular, is that it allows to truly seize the passing of time and to have the opportunity to observe all those details that we wouldn’t usually notice on a regular home-work commuting by car. The dawn on Lugano’s gulf during the Autumn is a spectacular memory that truly impressed me, thanks to these past few months I’ve spent on two wheels. The trick for a pleasant biking experience is to look for secondary paths, with very little traffic, where one can enjoy a few moments immersed in nature. This initiative, which we will sign up to next year as well, is an invite for everyone in IBSA Group to test out new and different forms of mobility and we will be happy to gather and share all experiences and testimonies.”

The way the project was developed is in line with IBSA’s values, in particular with the vision of sport not only as a way to promote physical and mental wellbeing, but also as a gateway for shared values such as teamwork and solidarity.

Bikecoin starts in fact as a challenge with oneself: making small habit changes can lead to a compound benefit. The challenge where everyone is a winner is more than just this initiative’s official slogan, it is a principle in itself: thanks to everyone’s joint effort, we can all win. Win what? A more active lifestyle, a healthier and cleaner environment, less stress and more success!