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ODF: a new innovation in the field of oral administration of active ingredients

Innovation for IBSA means making commonly-used active ingredients more functional to people's needs, focusing on research into innovative delivery systems that promote therapeutic adherence and improve patients' quality of life.
It is with this aim in mind that the company’s Italian laboratories have recently developed orodispersible film (ODF), which represents a real innovation in the field of oral administration of active ingredients.

Orodispersible film takes the form of an ultra-thin strip of polymeric material (50-150 microns thick) the size of a stamp, which dissolves in a few tens of seconds when it comes into contact with saliva in the oral cavity, allowing rapid bioavailability of the active ingredient(s) it contains, which is/are quickly absorbed both locally and systemically.

This new pharmaceutical form is therefore suitable for everyone, even people with special requirements, such as dysphagics, children, the elderly, uncooperative patients, people who travel a lot and those who suffer from nausea.

The fundamental constituent of an ODF is the water-soluble film-forming polymer, which may be a mixture of two or more polymers, modulating the speed of disintegration and the ability to adhere to the oral, palatal, gingival, lingual and sublingual mucosa.
The formulation and manufacturing processes of IBSA's ODF are based on two proprietary patents that resolve issues related to the use of commonly-used polymers, offering films with better physical resistance that are able to contain a relatively high amount of medicine, while retaining the key characteristic of dissolving rapidly.

This orodispersible film is another example of IBSA's commitment to research and development of innovative and high-quality technologies, capable of transforming and improving traditional oral delivery systems.