IBSA confirms its trust pact with people every day.

12 October 2020

Trust is what holds up relationships between people. IBSA’s entire advertising and communication system is based on this principle and it works because markets are groups of people operating at the crossroads of supply and demand. Obviously, mutual trust plays a crucial role in this context. For IBSA, this ‘contemporaneity’ started long ago, when its story began, with the idea of positioning itself differently, in a market segment generally thought of as less attractive.

On one side, there was ‘innovation’, which was equated with the production of new pharmaceuticals. On the other, ‘generic’ drugs began making a name for themselves. IBSA chose the middle ground, taking known pharmaceuticals and developing and improving all the aspects that were considered, to some extent, secondary, but had a significant impact on patients. For example, the way the drugs were taken, their taste, or how the active ingredient was administered are all aspects that, along with therapeutic validity, enable a pharmaceutical to genuinely improve someone’s life.

IBSA confirms its trust pact with people every day.

IBSA made a trust pact with the citizens of the world when it promised it would make ‘pharmaceuticals in their best form’, and it has never broken this promise. While the number of patent families has reached an astonishing 82, with the multiplication of production lines and exponential growth in products, branches and the company’s footprint in the various countries, IBSA has always stayed true to its underlying mission: meet patients’ needs, support research, produce therapeutic and medical instruments up to the highest quality standards and always in people’s interests. Caring innovation is the natural evolution of IBSA’s original promise to create “pharmaceuticals in their best form” and the foundation of the trust pact that everyone at IBSA reaffirms every day.


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