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IBSA’s choice in the field of fertility: the natural model

A metaphor to promote fertility and a video to kindle emotions and reach out with a clear and impactful message to doctors who prescribe fertility drugs are the two instruments that IBSA Group has chosen to tell about a principle that has always inspired it from the very beginning in the development of its pharmaceutical products in the field of medically assisted procreation (MAP).

We are talking about the “natural model”: In fact, IBSA develops products that conform to human physiology as closely as possible, using formulas that are increasingly natural and have fewer excipients and creating alternatives to already existing formulations. In reality and in communication, nature is the key to writing the video that tells about IBSA’s products and activities in the field of medically assisted procreation.

The campaign aims to raise people’s awareness of the importance of the natural model as a source of inspiration and an element of pharmacological choice in the field of fertility. The campaign’s symbol is an alkekengy enshrouded in its fruit, whose shape evokes, especially in doctors, the female reproductive system, a uterus with a foetus or an ovary with the egg inside it.

As Paola Fasola Senior Scientific Advisor & Mktg Manager at IBSA Group explains, “Our goal was to convey the idea that the company is at the side of women, day after day, throughout their quest to become pregnant.”

IBSA has also transmitted this idea of closeness to clinicians too, as proven by of the success of the 'virtual' conferences held during the COVID19 lockdown. “The seminars which had to be transformed into an online format (webinars) because of the Covid-19 emergency were very successful in terms of participation by gynaecologists,” says Paola Fasola. “Indeed, this format seems to meet the needs of clinicians as it is always a challenge for them to leave their workplace and travel to a conference. This way, instead, it becomes much easier to convey the scientific message.”