Partnership with the Banco Farmaceutico medicines bank

IBSA Activities: Banco Farmaceutico

IBSA first partnered with the Banco Farmaceutico medicines bank in 2013 as a pro-bono initiative to strengthen the idea of giving as an essential part of our vision of sustainable and inclusive development.
In 6 years, IBSA Farmaceutici has donated a total of 247 thousand packs of medicines, including the deployment, in 2018, of 6,000 packs to the operating theatres staffed by the Italian Armed Forces serving disadvantaged populations overseas.
The partnership has grown from year to year to include other activities, including, since 2016, the publication of the Health Poverty Report.
This Report provides an analysis that is especially helpful in understanding and preventing the phenomena associated with the difficulties in accessing healthcare in Italy.
The support that IBSA provides to the medicines bank and the team that worked on the Report is perfectly consistent with the Corporate Social Responsibility programme implemented by the Company since its foundation. Caring for people and their welfare form the common basis of all our social responsibility projects.



Casa dos Curumins

IBSA Activities: Casa dos Curumins

The association was founded in 2005 as a long-distance adoption project. In addition to having contributed to its establishment, IBSA continues to sponsor and develop the project. Through its day-care facility and music school, Casa Dos Curumins fulfils the dreams and aspirations of over 400 children and adolescents of all ages who live in the slum towns of Pedreira, in the southern suburbs of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The aim of the project is to provide youngsters with a concrete alternative to the hunger, violence and human degradation that surrounds them, by supporting them until they complete their professional training and find a job. It achieves the social inclusion of emarginated children and adolescents, by promoting human values, an artistic, cultural and environmental education, sports activities and professional training, in order to forge well-rounded, loving and happy human beings, who live in harmony with others and the environment, and are in possession of both academic and professional skills.



I Bambini delle Fate

IBSA Activities: I Bambini delle Fate

The many partnerships and projects that IBSA has forged in the community over the years also include that with I Bambini delle Fate, a social enterprise that provides economic support and initiatives for families with children and teenagers with autism disorders and other disabilities.
As part of the partnership with I Bambini delle Fate that IBSA commenced in 2014, the company provides support for the “Aiuta ad aiutare la Fondazione Danelli” project organised in the Lodi area.
The aim is to help the Foundation in its undertaking to help parents to familiarise with and accept disability, to empower them for a more efficacious management of their children and to protect the mental and physical wellness of the families. The various inclusion schemes it organises allow patients to meet with and get to know people with whom they can form support groups or networks to help other families, as part of a virtuous circle of social support.



New IBSA partnership with Business and Professional Women Ticino launched in 2020

IBSA Activities: BPW Ticino

As part of its commitment to sharing some of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, and in particular that regarding Gender Equality, IBSA has decided to partner with and support Business and Professional Women Ticino. The purpose of this association is to protect the interests of professionally-active women and it belongs, through BPW Switzerland, to BPW International - the world’s largest women’s network (with 30,000 members).
The partnership with BPW Ticino originated from the sharing of certain common values: IBSA has always been committed to equal pay and career opportunity equality, as testified by the fact that 43% of its managers and department heads are women. Founded in 1983, BPW Ticino currently consists of 70 members: business women, self-employed professionals and employees from different professional backgrounds of all ages and various nationalities.
The BPW mission translates into a variety of activities and events regarding, amongst other things, training, mentoring, networking. One of the association’s main focuses is equal pay between men and women, alongside other projects, such as: Ticino Empowerment, Women on Boards, Equality Means Business, Mentoring and Equal Pay Day.
BPW Switzerland has 2,300 members nationwide, in all the different linguistic areas of the country, who take an active role in professional, cultural, civic and social activities. Members partake in activities promoted through local, national and international networks, such as: decisive partnerships in economics, society and politics, mentoring and continuing professional development schemes, and partnerships with European and international institutions like the UN and the Council of Europe.

BPW International, which like BPW Switzerland is inspired by values of personal responsibility, independence and self-determination, also acts as advisor to the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and as an observer with various other United Nations organisations.



I Camaleonti - Inclusion project

IBSA Activities: Avventuno

Although football is a hugely popular sport, what are the opportunities for people with disabilities to practice this sport? 
IBSA has forged a CSR partnership with the Ticinese Association I Camaleonti (The Chameleons) to support young athletes with disabilities in order to allow them to live unique experiences through the game of football and other parallel activities. This important project is run by Boris Angelucci, UEFA B+ coach, former FC Lugano player, member of the Ticino Football Federation and coach of the Camaleonti club. The team is now composed by 20 players participating in various competitions, including the European Special Needs Cup.
The project, launched in August 2019 during the international Football Is More tournament which also saw the first edition of the "European Special Needs Cup" championship, has urged the association to work with other local associations to form a team of adult players with disabilities capable of competing with other important Special Needs teams, such as Manchester, Milan, Liverpool and Paris Saint Germain.
The Camaleonti football team is committed to promoting inclusion and equal opportunities for disabled youngsters over 16 years of age by organising regular practice sessions, friendly games and tournaments, involving fixtures against other special needs teams and inclusive events against regular teams.
As far as children up to 16 years of age are concerned, the organisation promotes inclusion by providing support in introducing youngsters into existing teams and provides the teams and coaches with the advice and know-how required for an effective inclusion of these young players.